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The Sonic Movie Will Launch In 2019

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived as SEGA has announced today that the Sonic movie will launching in 2019. We’ve got a while to go before Sonic reaches the big screen but it is nice to find out when it is launching. It’s being billed as a a live action-CG hybrid and is directed by the director behind the amusing Deadpool.

“Nostalgia is actually very much in vogue, which is one the reasons we’ve been chasing it down,” he says. “Everything Nintendo has been doing has been driving big waves in nostalgia, they’ve done some amazing things and they had a lot of success with the classic NES. There is a film and documentary coming out about retro gaming called Console Wars. We also have a Sonic movie coming in 2019.”

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17 thoughts on “The Sonic Movie Will Launch In 2019”

    1. It reminds me more of the Sonic X show… It had a good blend of humans and non humans. Granted it was all animated (for kids) – –
      I Hope the story is like one of the seasons of the show.

  1. Live Action? CG? hmm I’m not sure what to think tbh.

    Fingers crossed it’s a good film and not a disappointment.

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