Nintendo & Hasbro Team Up To Bring Monopoly Gamer Edition

You can already get your hands on some awesome Nintendo-themed editions of Monopoly with the likes of Zelda and Nintendo variations already available. Now, Nintendo and Hasbro have teamed up to make a version which should appeal more to gamers. Monopoly Gamer does away with requiring people to buy property and instead, players will “complete levels” and collect coins. There are even power-ups and boss battles…

There will also be “power packs” with Luigi, Boo, Rosalina, Wario and Diddy Kong tokens launching alongside the game, retailing for $2.99 each. It’ll set you back $24.99 for the standard version of this new Monopoly game but GameStop is offering fans a collector’s special edition for $39.99 which comes with a Bowser token.

Check out the video to see what it’s all about:

If you’re looking to ruin friendships and relationships within your family, but in good ol’ Nintendo fashion, then this is certainly a must-buy.





      1. No, Monopoly: Nintendo Collector’s Edition.

        6 Collectable Pewter Tokens Included!
        Shell, Mario Hat, Barrel, NES Controller, Hylian Shield, Boots.


  1. The only favorite game character I see is Mario. Where’s Link, Kirby, Fox, Samus, the others!? Might as well just call it Monopoly Super Mario Gamer Edition. Otherwise, this is bordering on false advertising.

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    1. No, wait. It is false advertisement!


    2. Or at least call it Monopoly Gamer: Super Mario Edition! Then they could use Monopoly Gamer as an entirely new line of Monopoly board games with future editions being Metroid Edition, Zelda Edition, or Kirby Edition. Even delve off into non-Nintendo games like Halo Edition, Uncharted Edition, Crash Bandicoot Edition, Final Fantasy VII Edition, etc.

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  2. I don’t like the Gamestop special edition board games because (in most cases) they come in square boxes instead of the more standard sized board game boxes. I collect Monopoly board games, and I hate the ones that aren’t standard size (or those newer, shorter standard sizes).


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