Nintendo On How They Chose The Games For The SNES Mini

Famitsu not long ago caught up with Nintendo about the SNES Mini and they spoke about how Nintendo chose what retro titles would make the final cut. It was revealed that popularity, units sold and audience familiarity was ultimately taken into account:

Famitsu How were titles chosen for the Japanese and Western versions of the SNES Classic Edition?
Nintendo It depends on the game’s popularity, whether people were familiar with it, and the number of units sold. We carefully hand-picked each title to ensure the game lineup appealed to a large audience, so it makes the SNES Classic an easy purchase.

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  1. You mean the conversation didn’t go like this?
    “Hey you know what would really piss off the internet?”
    “If we left out their favorite game!”
    “Awesome, let’s do it!”
    *and they dizzily bang their beer glasses together*

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    1. What game did they leave out exactly, Chrono Trigger? We have Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, and Final Fantasy 6, that should fill your RPG needs right there, not to mention they’re finally releasing Star Fox 2 officially and will probably lead to Virtual Console releases of it, so I think that we’re good with what we have, besides, if you want Chrono Trigger just get the DS version, it’s the best one to play

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      1. Damn, there is so much assuming going on in that reply….

        But anyway, yeah, that was obviously a joke no matter how you look at it.

        Also, I agree that the DS version is the best version of Chrono Trigger.

        P.S. While I’m on the subject of explaining jokes, for all the people reading this that didn’t understand that part (in other words, probably everyone who frequents this blog and scrolls down to the comments), the “wwwwwwww” I put as the last line of that fake exchange is basically the Japanese equivalent of “lol.”


    1. Punch Out on Wii didn’t sell bad, it sold 1.27 million units, that’s no Super Mario Galaxy, but it did well enough to get the Nintendo Selects status and while there isn’t an exact amount known for Super Punch Out sales, it has a good reception going for it so I’d say it did well too, so they’re far from being “flops”

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    1. Well… I think they didn’t add Super Mario All-Stars because if you bought the Nes Mini you have Super Mario Bros 1,2,3.

      For Chrono Trigger I agree in part because you can play Secret of Mana which is a good game (for what people wrote here, because I never played it).

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  2. I’m pretty sure they sat 100 executives around a big-ass, round table, and spun a bottle, but I guess this story makes for a more professional narrative.

    Also, thats how they decided how many NES and SNES classics.

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