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Video: Beyond Good And Evil 2 – Why You’ll Need a Crew And How To Get One

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is very early in development but that hasn’t stopped the team from showing off the game and its various concepts. The latest video takes a look at why its all-important to choose the right team from the job in the prequel to Beyond Good & Evil. Platforms for the game are unspecified at this point in time so the Nintendo Switch hasn’t been mentioned by the team. Anyway, check out the tech demo, below.



    1. One thing I read is that there’s speculation that this wouldn’t even come to PS4 or XBO. It’s so far off and ambitious it could be for 9th gen.


      1. Yea the game is looking huge so I believe that. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it gets changed a lot along the way. I would definitely want to see it the way their making it sound but it’s just too good to be true for now lol

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      2. Microsoft was claiming anything running on the Xbox One S or X is supposed to be able to run on the one, but I won’t be surprised if they back down from that statement as it model next developers or forces them to make multiple builds of a game whether they like it or not.


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