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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s DLC File Size Is Much Larger For Wii U Than Switch

On June 30, the first batch of DLC for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild becomes available. Both Wii U and Nintendo Switch owners have access to the DLC and the official Japanese website has detailed just how big the file size is for each console. What’s equally interesting and unclear why is the Wii U version of ‘Master Trials’ clocks in at a whopping 3.7GB whilst Switch players have a tiny 456MB to download.


25 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s DLC File Size Is Much Larger For Wii U Than Switch”

    1. Well. What else am I going to use my remaining WiiU storage space for? Whatever, as long as it works!

  1. One theory I’ve heard is it could have to do with read speeds. The Wii U version might have trouble pulling resources from the disk and memory where the Switch version doesn’t.

      1. For anyone who actually cares, if you have the digital version of Zelda BotW on WiiU, the DLC is 2 gigs instead of 3.5.

        So… My Digital version must have included things not on the disk version? Maybe explains why my Digital version of Zelda performs so damn well?

        MNN, feel free to make an article about this. I haven’t seen anyone else report on it. Mostly because most people don’t care about the digital WiiU version. XD

  2. Maybe because the WiiU sucks so bad and smells like ass, they needed 3 gigs just to make WiiU owners feel inferior and shame them for not upgrading to switch! :D

    I’d like an explanation from Nintendo, as well as if it matters if we have the disc or downloaded version. If the increased size is texture packs, I wonder if I already have them as I downloaded it. Hopefully we find out. It’s not really a big deal, but I am curious!

      1. I was sarcastically making fun of people who blame the larger file size on WiiU being an inadiquate gaming machine compared to switch.

        I believe the opposite and feel like WiiU was the definitive Zelda Machine.

        Hope that helps! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the Rude-mobile to continue my spree of rebellious comments!


      1. it may have only been “hugely popular” but I happen to really like it! Like the Gamecube! But not as much as the Gamecube!

      1. On Switch, data compression is much better. Also, the Switch OS only takes up 5GB giving 27GB of free space. Wii U OS on the other hand uses 16GB, leaving less free space.

    1. If by smaller space, you mean the capability to vastly upgrade it’s space, dwarfing the Switch’s available space, then I agree!

    1. Where’s your sense of adventure?? What kind of hero of time are you?
      Now buckle-up butter cup and take on those Lynals, or become a heap of broken bones and scortched flesh while trying!

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