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UK Retailer GAME Blames Nintendo For Their Financial Issues

UK retailer GAME has warned investors that they will be posting some fairly poor financial results. The company had hoped that the Nintendo Switch would turn around their fortunes, but the company says that Nintendo has not been able to provide enough stock of the highly sought after console. The company says that while demand for the Nintendo Switch has been “very strong”, supply has been “lower than expected.” GAME says it expects its profits for 2017 to be “substantially below previous expectations.” Stock in the company dropped nearly 30 percent after the warning was issued.




      1. ||Their failure has been in motion since before the Wii was even released, whether stock was is an issue or not, they are using this as an excuse for their own misery…||

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      2. If they are anything like Gamestop in the US, then they have it coming and blaming Nintendo is a cop-out.

        Nintendo has it’s issues, but if Game is hinging their business on the Nintendo switch, they were fools to begin with. They are a gaming company. They should be diversifying and not running a shitty business to begin with.

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    1. Well, THIS financial year was based on the Switch sales performance. Those stock owners and others interested was keeping/putting their money in this year because of Game’s financial report that specially stated that they would turn profit from Switch, I read it. When Nintendo didn’t deliver of course Game would blame them – every sane company would. Their total financial situation is their entirely, and betting their future on Switch is also their own God damn falt, but when they first bettet on Ninty, they got screwed over by them. That’s just facts.

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      1. They weren’t screwed over by Nintendo. That’s totally ludicrous.

        The Switch has vastly exceeded what were the initial projections, that GAME were using. Yes, there are shortages of Switch units, but the Switch has sold MANY more units than initially expected, and far more than GAME ever anticipated. That’s where I fail to see how their financial crisis is Nintendo’s fault.

        The initial numbers that Nintendo expected to sell through fiscal year 2017, was approx 8 million units world wide. That was the infomation GAME was placing their bets on. The Switch sold something like 2.75 million units in the first month alone. The initial shipment completely sold out, and every subsequent shipment has as well. Nintendo DOUBLED the order of units to 16 million, to try to meet this surprise demand. Even still, as fast as they can put them on the shelves, they sell out. That’s why none of this makes any sense. They are selling more Switch units than they thought, by a long shot, and yet they are still financially hurting? They’ve already gotten more stock in the first few months than was planned, and have sold every Switch they ever got on their shelf.

        So are you going to still blame Nintendo? How could you? Nintendo gave them more units to sell than was previously planned on, and they have sold them all. How could you, for example, expect to sell 100 of something, to save your business, then you get 200 of them, sell them all, and still have financial woes, and blame the people who gave you double what you thought you would get, and even sold them all?


  1. What a load of nonsense!!! My store in Maidstone has had 2 systems in stock since launch. What is hurting their sales is failure to alert consumers to stock in store without resulting to a telephone call.

    Game has been going downhill for years. They can blame and pretend all they want, Amazon has taken the majority of their customer with Tesco coming as a close second.

    Nice try guys!

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    1. it’s not like Nintendo can pull them out of thin air also. they have sold about 3 million since march. that’s insane. GAME was not expecting more sales than that just based on the launch of the WiiU alone. no one knew what to expect including Nintendo, who have since stateed that they have upped production. They have been transparent all along. GAME is just trying to blame Nintendo for their own failure and investors aren’t falling for it.


      1. I get what you’re trying to say, but I just find it ironic that they’re saying they were essentially banking on nintendo for more sales, but the nintendo displays in their stores effectively convey a lack of faith in the nintendo brand.
        Pretty much every store I go to has pretty much a whole wall dedicate to xbone/ps4 and literally a shelf for nintendo (half for 3ds/Wii u and half for the switch)


    1. I know you’re a troll, but just in case you forgot, Pokémon, Metroid and Fire Emblem as heavy hitters. Yoshi and Kirby as intermediate hitters. A couple of multiplatforms as well, such as Bloodstained, and then also whatever has slipped my mind and what hasn’t been announced yet.

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      1. pokemon is a heavy hitter with no release year. metroid isnt a big selle and thats a fact. It also has no release year. no idea if fire emlem will sell consoles. yes, yoshi and kirby are just sidescrollers. If you dont like fire emblem you are left with what? sidescrollers? nintendo needed red dead 2 on the console and to advertise it. Now that its not on the switch why would people buy a switch instead? You need more variety on the console.


    2. oh ho ho< but miater gaminfang, what if all of it was just a ruse, eh? hmmmmm, maybe think about it long and harder when…uh oh!wHAT!?? shh…be verrry still, it can see us if we breath so dont do it oh no I saw you breath!! holy crud buckets, were done for now oh my goodness, watch out NOWWW charlie, or you might fall in remeber what mom always told us dont the proof of the pudding is en the peetree dish, quote me onit


      1. ;0 * wink i fogot a wink from before at the end when I said quote m eon it oops cat emoji, but they dont have it on the site or I dont know how to doit


    3. Since I can’t reply to your other post for whatever reason I’ll reply to this one.

      Name me one portable that was successful because it had all the latest huge games that were on home consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

      I’ll wait.

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      1. Then why isn’t Pokémon being saved for a future portable? The reasoning is simple really. The “new hardware” could easily be a Switch revision that brings it more inline with those aspects of the 3DS. I expect it around the time Pokémon comes out. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot and split their development resources again? Last gen proved they couldn’t keep up.


      2. What it means is that GameFreak views the Switch as the 3DS successor. If Nintendo was making a different dedicated handheld they would’ve held off for that don’t you think?


      3. and I’ll just leave this here to expose you a little more.

        “Nintendo 3DS is a different system from Nintendo Switch in terms of its shape, weight, price and the types and number of currently available software titles. From this perspective, as their very first video game system, I believe parents will opt to choose Nintendo 3DS for their children. So we recognize that Nintendo 3DS as a portable game device meets different needs and fits different markets than Nintendo Switch.”


      4. From your own link referring to a 3DS successor.

        “We are always considering and working on what should come next after the current gaming hardware is released. It’s difficult to say if we will release a new one.”

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      5. Which is why they could make a smaller one, stupid. Even Iwata talked about a single family of systems sharing software. If they’re making new hardware you can bet your ass it’s going to play the same games as the Switch. There’s a reason they put all of their software teams together.


      6. I think they’ll do that. the only problem is why make the current table when you’re going to release a smaller one without a dock. the switch name wont make sense anymore and the people that want a handheld will choose the smaller and cheaper option.


      7. So what are we arguing about then? The 3DS is going away and will likely be replaced with a more portable Switch. The hybrid exists so they have an all in one high end option. They already have labels on each game box that shows what modes of play each one is compatible with. All they would have to do is make it incredibly clear that only games compatible with portable mode can be played on the “Switch mini.”


  2. Doesn’t sound like they’re “blaming” Nintendo. They’re just telling it how it is. Previously, they expected the Switch to have strong sales throughout the year, but they didn’t expect stock shortages to be a major issue. They also cited “continued softness in our core Xbox and PlayStation markets” as a problem.

    They also went on to say they “expect to benefit from…greater Nintendo Switch hardware supply” in the next financial year.

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    1. No, I’m not buying that. The Switch hardware stock was likely more than originally projected given Nintendo’s own projections were modest. Stock issues have only played a part after the initial sales were higher than expected. If GAME projected in line with Nintendo, they’d have known potential sales could never outweigh what they have in the short term.

      GAME has been performing badly through both mismanagement and the inevitable high street difficulties in the video game industry for years.

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      1. Not buying what? Clearly GAME didn’t project in line with Nintendo. They projected more. Obviously that’s their own mistake, and this underperformance is their own fault, but that doesn’t change anything I said.

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    2. Game Projecting higher sales than what Nintendo projected to deliver makes it sound to me they were overinflating their original numbers to either increase or stabilize stocks.

      If they dip 30% just because of what they said, they are obviously aware they have very skiddish investors who know exactly what kind of condition GAME is in.

      They are dying off, slowly and painfully.

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      1. I agree. It’s either that or they’re completely incompetent and didn’t pay attention to Nintendo’s own outlook. Doesn’t matter either way. It’s their own fault.

        Only point I’m trying to make is that, after reading Game’s full PR, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to pin their troubles on Nintendo, like this article suggests.

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      2. Aye, They don’t seem to be directly targeting Nintendo exclusively for their woes. I follow ya!


    3. More a case of not buying that their projections on thr Switch were a reason is what I mean. I’m not saying I’m 100% on this, I don’t see how anyone could be without having access to their board meetings but it appeard they are just continously failing across the board. Perception of them is generally bad.

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  3. Absolute rubbish. For Switch launch (this can be backed up by checking a old article I commented on) there was not a single window display, advert or mention of Nintendo Switch at all in my local store. They had a shelf hidden on the shop floor which mentioned about taking pre-orders.

    They know there is a very good install-base/demand…so why not make their games competitively priced. As I say, rubbish.

    Check out their financial reports past few years, they are responsible for their own poor performance but they can try to deflect this one.

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  4. Well isn’t this a load of bulls.. . It’s not like they are a Nintendo only store.
    So everything else they stock from Sony and Microsoft still isn’t enough to make them profitable.
    They should rethink their business model

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  5. This has to be the biggest piece of clickbait you guys have ever posted here. This reads like a typical thread on GameFAQs. They don’t blame Nintendo for their losses.

    Talk about taking a quote out of context. I am surprised at you guys. Congratulate yourselves on losing a subscriber.

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  6. I see some people didn’t read the whole article & just read the article’s title. This is MyNintendoNews! *spartan kick* Sometimes the title for the article is clickbait & you should read the actual article. Then again, 99% of websites use clickbait article titles because it brings in the views & clicks so NEVER read just the article title on any website. Make this part of your 10 top internet rules & you’ll be fine.

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  7. I feel sorry for the emplyees that work at Game and I hope things turn around for the Retailer for the workers sake more than anything.

    Nintendo do need to increase Production of the Switch so it can meet demand in fairness and tbh they’re not really doing a very good job of that so far, no denying that.

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  8. You know, for once I actually have to agree with GAME.
    I’ve spoken to many employees from that company and even they are not happy with the lack of stock Nintendo has provided and how many customers they’ve had to turn away.
    Some of them were actual fans of Nintendo that wanted the amiibos and a Nintendo Switch and even they felt like they had been neglected.
    I’ve had many disagreements with GAME in the past but this is 1 I have to agree with.


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