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Shantae And Shovel Knight Are Coming To Blaster Master Zero

Unlike most major studios, indie developers seem happy to lend out their characters for other games. Inti Creates have just announced that Shantae and Shovel Knight will be featured as DLC characters in the Switch and 3DS versions of Blaster Master Zero. While WayForward’s lovable genie will be available from July 6th, Yacht Club’s hero won’t make his debut until August 3rd. Both will cost $1.99 eventually, but Shantae and Shovel Knight will be available for free for two weeks after their release. Check out some screenshots below.



    1. You know Commander, I think some of this indie characters should join Smash.

      But we have to wait the word of Lord Sakurai


      1. There are so many Nintendo character that need inclusion… like ARMS ones. Also they should expel that ‘trainer’ that is ridicolous.


      2. The trainer character is a Nintendo character and that’s why is in. ARMS characters will surely be on Smash 5 that’s for sure but these Indie games are also so good. Hoping to see Shantae and Shovel Knight on Smash 5 because they deserve their place.


      3. It’s an horrible character. Should stay inside her games.
        Before those Arms and Splatoon. Certainly they will be nice guests, especially Shovel Knight.

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      4. Well. Also I don’t like Wii fit trainer because I never played her games. But you know Nintendo what will do. They will do Smash 5 and put a character where nobody likes, just like in Smash 4 with Wii-fit trainer they will do surely with Smash 5 (I think they will put this version of Mario)

        Ok just kidding.

        Anyway I’m sure they will put one ARMS character in Smash 5 but the Inkling I don’t know.


      5. Hehe, anything can be. Sometimes they do weird things. Now they have so many more characters to choose from though. So many (fit trainer should leave).

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  1. This will get me to put more time into Blaster Master Zero for sure. It was a decent game I just got caught up playing other stuff, but this is the perfect excuse to jump back in.


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