Nintendo Switch

Europe: Flip Wars Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch eShop Later This Week

Battle Sports Mekuru, a multiplayer action-puzzle title released in Japan, is coming to Europe later this week, where it will have the title Flip Wars. The goal of Flip Wars is to change as many squares on the board into your color as possible. The game will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop on July 6th, the same day that the eShop will also see the release of I And Me. A trailer was released on Nintendo UK’s YouTube account, so we’ve included the video down below.




  1. The character models look like the guys that control the mech suits in metroid prime federation force! That game is actually a lot better than what I was expecting, and didn’t deserve all of the slack it got.

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      1. Everything is competitive in videogames, this looks more stressful than competitive. Competition can actually relieve from stress if (not stressful ^^).


      2. ||Some like me prefer chaos and destruction all over the place…||


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