Video: Take A Look At This Mario-Themed Nuclear Missile Silo In The US

Foxtrot-01 is one of several Minuteman Missile Launch Sites that are dedicated to launching missiles in the event that the US comes under attack. Mario murals also decorate some of the walls within it. To get a look inside one of these Silo’s is usually quite a difficult task, let alone trying to film it. But after some negative press surrounding the working conditions, the Air Force was keen to put a more positive spin on the locations and allowed a film crew inside. SKY News have recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel which I have included further down. Check around the 1-minute mark onwards to see the Mario-themed murals:

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      1. ||They can find their joy elsewhere, using our sacred symbols is a desecration of the ultimate order…||

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    1. Since the comments here suck.

      “Likely true, but they are fools if they try to convince themselves that a coat of paint makes a nuclear missile less bad…”

      Actually it does work. Certain colors instigate certain reactions from humans and animals alike. So definitely some positive imagery would have an impact.
      It’s the same way we’re easily convinced through propaganda and marketing every day.


      1. Ah, but you misinterprented what I was saying.
        I am sure that it helps them feel better, but I am pointing out that it is idiotic to sugarcoat a nuclear warhead launching facility.
        It will not be less bad to the surrounding world because it has a happiness-inducing painting on it and trying to make it look so, or diverting focus from the evil that it truly is, is what I referred to as “absolute perversion”.


  1. The only country that has ever used a nuclear missile on someone decorating their missile silo with an icon of the only country to ever get hit by a nuclear attack? We’re such pieces of shit.

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      1. Except you didn’t use it correctly. A trigger isn’t something that offends someone it’s something that brings back a trauma. For example, someone seeing their rapist or soldier hearing something that sounds like gun fire triggering their PTSD.

        What trauma could I possible have in regards to this? If you weren’t aware, I haven’t been nuked.

        I was just stating how insulting that can be to the Japanese whether it was intentional or not. It’s not like we just dropped two nuclear bombs on them, we also wrote racial slurs on at least one of the bombs and it’s not like they don’t know that by now. And it’s not like they’re over the whole incident. Just check out Barefoot Gen or the music video of Vinushka by Dir En Grey.

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  2. I think it’s a nice bit of fun in a facility that’s extremely serious and dangerous. Even for a millisecond it could help take the enormous pressure off.

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  3. So they plan to kill 100s of thousand of innocent children and people in the most gruesome way possible, like they did in Japan. But this time, there’s a friendly Mario painting looking at the victims, before they die a painful death. #onlyinamerica

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    1. Maybe back then they had different icons on the walls. Maybe even women clad in bikinis previously due to not having any females on site, so this was a welcome change.

      War is something every nation endures wether we agree with it or not. There’s no reason to demonize those that are part of it. Your synopsis can be turned just a few years prior when Japan’s attack was unwarranted to begin with.

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      1. I see your point but I don’t think that soldiers being sent to crash planes into a military base is quite on the level of dropping a nuclear bomb (with racial slurs written on it) on Hiroshima. Little Boy killed soldiers, Korean slaves, and civilians and destroyed 70% of the cities buildings. Then of course we dropped another, more powerful bomb on Nagasaki shortly afterwards. We then bragged about it in news reels in the States while trying to prevent news of the attacks from spreading in Japan. We weren’t even trying to pulling the whole “We didn’t want to do it but we had to” thing.


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