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Michael Pachter Predicts Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Xbox One This Year

Michael Pachter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the analyst’s word is often taken very seriously by those in the video games industry. While he once predicted that the Switch would fail, Pachter is now suggesting that Nintendo’s latest console will outsell the Xbox One in 2017. With the release of the Xbox One X, this would certainly be disappointing for Microsoft. Do you think Pachter is right? Tell us below.

“[It will be] close .. I would say Switch could sell as many as 14 million, and if that happens, then that’s more than Xbox One. Xbox One is probably going to sell about 10-11 million, but again Microsoft doesn’t tell you and there is no way to measure anymore. But I think Xbox One is on track to sell 10-11 Million a year, Switch is gonna do that 10-11 could sell more but it really depends and I need to get through to a holiday season to see.”




  1. I still don’t like Micheal, especially after he called Iwata “The Late and Not So Great”, he’s basically describing himself and not Iwata because Iwata was good at his job, Micheal has been wrong on too many occasions where I don’t trust him one bit.

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    1. As for me myself i think the switch is a piece of crap. I prefer my handhelds not a glorified wii u gamepad with crap battery life.

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      1. That is one of the worst descriptions of the Switch I have ever seen. It’s battery life is on par with the original 3DS, it’s superior in every single way possible to a Wii U gamepad, and far more powerful than any dedicated handheld device Nintendo would have put out next, had they gone the non hybrid route.

        The Switch is far closer in power to other current gen consoles than Wii was to PS3 or Wii U was to PS4. Considering we won’t see PS5 for several more years thanks to things like PS4 Pro/XB1X, and the games that play on PS4 Pro/XB1X will also be playable on PS4/XB1, Nintendo Switch is in a great position, because it’s fully capable of playing current AAA 3rd party titles, and won’t have to worry about PS5 and Unreal Engine 5 coming (for example) any time soon, leaving it in the dust. By the time that happens, Switch 2 would be released, and it should mostly be able to keep pace with power, keeping a small distance from PS5 like the Switch has with PS4, allowing it to also be cheaper, while running the same games with little compromise.

        Nintendo is in a good position if they play their cards right, and especially if they drop the 3DS over the next year or two, and bring all game production solely to the Switch.

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      2. I wouldn’t go so far as to call Switch a piece of crap, but:

        -It’s not really portable, ‘least not comfortably ‘pocketable’.

        -Its more powerful specs, it being a “portable” console seems to breed ports/multiplats, rather than exclusives, & rather than variant multiplats (differing in genre &/or aesthetics; e.g. the Sonic Rush series, an “extra” Sonic Colors, 2D PoP, etc.). Even 1st-party variants look bleak (2D Zelda? A handheld variant of 2D Super Mario Bros. & Mario 3D World? Maybe digital at some point, though a big incentive has been removed & I doubt they’ll be physical releases). & thus Nintendo & indies become even greater crutches for console games & exclusives; 3rd parties now prone even more to multiplatting PC games. A true handheld was treated like another platform, usually w/ unique requirements that gave publishers/devs incentive to expand their catalogs & build another gaming library for gamers. Switch basically wipes out that “extra” library & reduces publisher/dev catalogs.
        That spec power also generates higher expectations, & thus new franchises or experimental angles are bigger risks, whereas less power would lighten the amount of needed venture capital, & even reduce dev time & delays. & lower specs meant more incentive for creativity, outside-the-box thinking, plus genres that seem neglected now on TV platforms.

        -Switch sort of killed dual-screen gaming (once 3DS/2DS is retired, seems that feature will be discontinued). Then again, devs never really utilized it on Wii U, & even the 3DS/2DS hasn’t quite seen the same utilization as DS did (even w/ out DS’s boon of experimentation). While dual-screen gaming never worked quite well w/ a TV setup (the gap & vastly different size hampered it), it does work well in a handheld, yet Switch’s handheld mode negates that.

        The hybridization certainly negates &/or hampers quite a few features. Some pros, sure, but I see mostly cons (& not the ‘Joy’ kind). As I’ve posted before: Switch is a jack of all trades, but a master of none, except maybe Nintendo’s own vision.


    2. Iwata was a great man and always had time to have a laugh i actually had the honour of playing a few games with him when he was at a game convention very polite and well spoken May you rest in peace Iwata


  2. That would be quite interesting and very possible, but you can bet your ass that MS wont be releasing numbers. Regardless, MS is doing just fine so even if Nintendo sells more than MS in this coming year, XBOX isnt going anywhere, theyre actually doing fine.

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  3. Trust fanboys to come to a console that is still leauges behind in features and actual ways to invogorate a new audience and not the mindless cattle Nintendo have already fed them with their lies! Sorry but I wised up to Nintendo and their tricks, Something doesn’t go to their standards they cut it loose and then deny knowledge of it Aka nes classic then it became CEX and Scalper Fodder pretty much the same as the snes mini and any other Minis they have planned, and their excuse will be ” It was only a temporary thing” I know Bullshit when i see it the Switch is just a remake or port machine with only a few new ips! And for the first time ever i will say I hope pacter is wrong and the switch fails. Hate and call me every name under the sun but it wil only proove my point.

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