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Nintendo Spent More Than Any Other Gaming Company On TV Ads In June

After months of healthy Switch sales, Nintendo is still pushing their latest console with TV advertisements. In June, Nintendo spent more on TV commercials than any other gaming company. With an estimated $6.6 million, Nintendo particularly pushed ARMS to TV viewers. VentureBeat estimates that Nintendo commercials were shown over 2500 during the month. PlayStation followed in 2nd, but they only spent an estimated $3.7 million. Have you been noticing more Nintendo commercials recently? Tell us below.




30 thoughts on “Nintendo Spent More Than Any Other Gaming Company On TV Ads In June”

    1. I don’t think spend money on TV ads for the Wii U solves the problem.

      The problem of the Wii U was the 3rd party support and the difficulty of bring a game on that system.

      1. Umm, third parties and developers still have the same story with the Switch as they did the U. I reiterate time and time again, initial release period for the U had more third party support. Nintendo does not build systems for third party support, everyone in the industry knows it.

        The ads approach can work.

        1. Ok we all know that Nintendo makes software for their hardware and that’s ok for a company who wants to do both.

          The problem of many 3rd party developers is if the console can be able to run the game and also how many people bought the console so they can play our game? That’s the main problem I think.

          As DigitalFoundry says, Nintendo is a great console and is only the beginning for see many games run it. We just have to look to ARMS, Splatoon 2 and, soon enough, Mario Odyssey Runs at 60fps. Nintendo is showing very well to company that the machine is strong and it’s not just a Wii 2 just like many people thinked at the beginning.

    2. Haha that would seem like the case. But consider that Nintendo didn’t really want to sell Wii U. In fact most of the Wii U patents were actually used on switch.
      The Wii U was a way for Nintendo to test the waters with a lot of ideas, but ultimately it was a way for the company to test ideas for switch. Even if they ended up loosing some money… the end it would just be “some” money. That’s also why a lot of Wii U games will and have been getting ported to the switch. It’s also why most of the “asymmetric” gameplay…..never actually ended up. Being a thing. And why games like Mario party were made with little effort, and why Zelda basically never came to the system (no Metroid at all) and further more its why Nintendo went with old Wii remotes, and ported some games to 3DS like wooly world and Mario maker.

      Wii U was a big public test to help build the switch. One thing they didn’t think of was third party support and how poor Wii U sales, and general customers only buying first party tittles would hurt third party support. This is also why the Wii U Eshop if filled with crappy pixel art games. I expect 90% of First party Wii U games to come to switch. Already Zelda was the first, solution 2 is basically a delux version of the first game, Mario kart 8 , wonderful 101 basically got confirmed the other day, also hints that bayoneta is also coming. And just the other day xenoblade X basically got confirmed after the new games is finished. Mario maker, and wooly world have also been hinted at.

      1. No gaming company with a roughly half decade gap in hardware releases will bring out an experiment with no desire to sell. It bombed, like Virtual Boy and arguably the GameCube.

        Nintendo is a BUSINESS and everything is meant to make them money. Not everything is successful, but live with the losses damn it.

  1. What? They clearly tied with Other. I can’t wait to see some new exciting games from this Other company. Haven’t heard of them, but if they spent that much on TV Ads, they must have something big coming up. What a time to be alive!

  2. Jaded Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch! Just need cloud storage, add external hard drive support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.}

    In hindsight, even if they did market the Wii U better, I sadly don’t think it would have made much of a difference since there were still other issues with the system. :/

    1. Because the Wii U was not a real system, and instead was a way to test ideas out for the switch (which more or less was successful as seen with sales)

      Most of the “Wii U” money was actually spent to develop the switch. Which is why their were so many shortcuts and odd choices with Wii U, it was never meant to really be successful, it was a way to see what people liked and didn’t like.

      If anyone was wondering why Nintendo seemingly ignored Wii U, and then jumped to the switch so gracefully. It’s because that was their intention the whole time

      1. Jaded Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch! Just need cloud storage, add external hard drive support, & to eliminate the need for that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones.}

        If you are right, that’s pretty shady. :/

      2. That’s because they seen the poor Wii U sales in the markets and they decided to focus on the switch markets sales and now it’s up to value now to 20%. Besides, the Wii U was a great console and it’s not very powerful. Do you think that Nintendo might make a powerful console one day? I have a feeling that the switch is not powerful enough to have more CPU chips in the shortcut hardware.

        Also, Nintendo fans notice that they lose faith on the Wii U system.

      3. I known that too because that also explains the game drought and most games feeling like people put no effort to them the Wii U only a had few good games and comparing it to the GameCube makes the GameCube look like it has more better games on there than the Wii U which is true

      4. I mean i listed all the evidence, it’s no secret. The original DS/light/Dsi were all stop gap products for the 3DS, Nintendo couldn’t just make the jump to the 3DS at the time so the DS was slightly different in that they needed it to do slightly better…..little did they know it would be really successful. The SNES was a stop gap device before N64, gameboy pocket was a stop gap before gameboy color….which really was just another stop gap device before game boy advanced.

      5. Ok, Counter-Theory for you. Nintendo really liked the Wii U and thought it could sell well but they were off on the games. The Switch is a second chance for Nintendo to make things right

      6. Also I will debunk all your “gap stop products” 1. The DS was created because Nintendo wanted some innovation (Also your theory assumes Nintendo was going to create the 3DS first) 2. The SNES was created to compete with the other 16-bit consoles 3. The Gameboy products were created because the first one was so successful because if it ain’t broke dont fix it

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  4. I have a feeling (and Nintendo hinted at this during the NX time) that switch well have upgrades much like Xbox one S, and Xbox one X. But they well do this more like ipad. They well probably introduce a more advanced model probably in 2019, introducing cameras, OLED screen, and slightly more power.

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