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Nintendo Provides More Details About Max Brass Who Is Coming To ARMS On July 12th

There’s a new combatant heading to ARMS, the one and only Max Brass. The official website for the character has opened and has provided us with more details about the character, as well as his stage and fighting abilities. Here’s his key points:

  • Affiliation: ARMS Association
  • Height: 195cm
  • Weight: 117kg
  • Age: 52
  • Favorite thing: bold young fighters

Max Brass is chairman of the ARMS Association, the organisers of the ARMS Grand Prix. He may be 52-year-old, but you would not believe it when looking at him battle. He won the Grand Prix several times, and in fact, his arms are made of the very championship belts he won. He’s always looking forward to battle up and coming young challengers, in the Grand Prix finals.

Here’s the details about the weapons ARMS Max Brass has at his disposal:

  • Nade (Exblow in Japanese): a very dangerous type of ARM, that explodes when it hits an opponent. You have to aim your punches carefully, because this ARM does not come with any tracking system;
  • Roaster: a fiery ARM with a blue flame. Just like the Nade, it does not come with any tracking system, so this weapon is only recommended to real pros who know how to make their punches go where they want, and only there;
  • Kablammer (Nitro Hammer in Japanese): the perfect ARM for fighters who want to mix the power of a hammer with explosions. It was originally used for construction work.

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  1. Every time I see this character’s name it makes me thing of the trope “brass balls”, which I think is a euphemism for part of The Commander’s anatomy… :p

    1. And the phrase “brass balls” makes me think of the scene from The Pink Panther (with Steve Martin) when he asks the casino owner if he can “take a closer look at your big, brass bowls” but his accent makes it sound like balls.

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