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Splatoon Versus Splatoon 2 Visual Comparison Finds Noticeable Enhancements In The Sequel

Splatoon 2 builds upon the Splatoon experience in various ways. Visually speaking, the upcoming sequel features a number of noticeable enhancements compared to the original game on Wii U. For example, the hub and characters in the Nintendo Switch title pop out more with brighter colors, lively animations, dynamic camera angles and detailed textures. For more comparisons between the two games, check out the video below:



  1. It’s funny looking back on older games and swearing that it definitely looked a lot better than it actually is. Memories are always better than the experience itself I guess.


  2. The only generational leap I see is bigger boobs. The video uploader is a twat. Both look amazing and Splatoon 2 is basically Splatoon 1.5 and it shows.


    1. 2.25 x more resolution = 1.5 hhhhmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

      and then then graphical upgrades materials colours textures lighting its easy 50% more graphics and 2.25 x more resolution its far brighter and more fluid than 1 everything is notched up

      all these games are basically wiiu turbo switch will push further and further as time goes on and engines improve

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      1. Heres ya content and gameplay:
        New Weapons
        New Campaign
        New and improved ranked battles
        New modes, i.e Salmon Run (Zombies)
        2 Years worth of Splatfests
        New ways to upgrade your clothing
        New Clothing
        New Inkling Customization
        New Maps
        and more.
        Come on you’re just nitpicking if you don’t think this is a sequel

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      2. @shiftyflower Wow. You guys are trying so hard. So many new. Yet so same as it was in Splatoon on WiiU. I guess you will claim that MK8 Deluxe is a sequel as well? Delusional Switch fanboy. All the stuff you are listing sounds like a typical DLC list for Smash or Mario Kart. I guess then WiiU got not one Smash game but at least 3 of them.


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