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Ash Ketchum Nendoroid Revealed

I want to be the very bestLike no one ever was. Good Smile have just revealed an Nendoroid for the aspiring Pokémon Master, Ash Ketchum. It’s based on Ash’s original anime design from 1997. Just like all Nendoroid figures, both Ash and Pikachu will have interchangeable faces. There’s also a separate Pikachu costume for Ash coming. Both will be available to pre-order tomorrow in Japan, but there is no word of a western release yet.

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7 thoughts on “Ash Ketchum Nendoroid Revealed”

  1. Good Smile ships internationally, and you can pre-order it on other 3rd-party websites like Play-Asia as well. There is no Western release in that sense with these kinda figures and items.

      1. No, it hasn’t:

        -Ash is still a failure
        -Still has bad taste in traveling companions
        -That humiliating defeat in the Kalos League against Alain.
        -Releasing the closest Pokemon he has to a Mega.
        -The sheer density of Ash and everythig else in the Akola region. Why is Ash in school doing a cringey Z-pose!?

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