Wisdom Tree Launches Kickstarter To Revive Unlicensed NES Biblical Games

The NES Mini was a huge success for Nintendo. The sought after plug and play system allowed Nintendo fans to replay a selection of classic NES games. However, Wisdom Tree have now announced their own plug and play system. Wisdom Tree are best known for their unlicensed NES and SNES biblical games, most notably Super Noah’s Ark 3D. The company has now returned to launch a Kickstarter for their Arkade, an NES Mini like device featuring a selection of their own biblical adventures. The Kickstarter is full of strange oddities, Wisdom Tree notably offering a Dreamcast port as a Stretch Goal. Check out the Kickstarter page here.




  1. OMG, these games were absolutely horrible. They had nothing to do with the biblical accounts their titles inferred, and the gameplay was horrendous.

    I’d say ,”God help them” but I doubt He wants anything to do with these flaming bags of dog shit. xD

    1. I saw this!! He reviews them perfectly. I still own the NES carts, and can confirm his rant is legit XD

    1. I don’t think so. Emulation itself is not illegal, it’s the ROMs you get in trouble over. Since they own the rights to the games, it shouldn’t be a problem so long as they don’t put Nintendo or Sega trademarks (like the logos) on the controller or boxes.

  2. Fuck Little Samson, fuck NWC 90′, fuck Stadium Events, fuck Bonk’s Adventure, and fuck The Flinstones: Suprise at Dinosaur Peak, we obviously need to preserve this amazing Biblical games for future generations to enjoy!

  3. Out of all of these shitty games,the only 2 decent ones are Spiritual Warfare (plays like classic zelda) and Super Noahs Ark 3D. Other than that,you can burn the rest in a dumpster fire.

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