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Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS Has Been Updated To Version 1.1.7

Nintendo has been on an updating spree with a lot of their hardware and software this month, and the latest one may interest you. Both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. have been updated to version 1.1.7. The most noteworthy thing in the update is that there is now support for the Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo. As is usually the case when you install an update for Smash 4, replays you created in previous versions will be unsuccessful in working. We’ve included the patch notes down below, which is similar for both versions.

Wii U:

  • Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo (including Player 2 versions) are now supported.
    Once version 1.1.7 has been installed, replays created in version 1.1.5 or earlier will no longer work.


  • Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo (including Player 2 versions) are now supported.
  • Once version 1.1.7 has been installed, local wireless will not work with version 1.1.5 or earlier. Replays created with these older versions of the software will not work either.

Source 1 / Source 2



      1. Bayonetta got hit with two hard nerfs she got her hit boxes removed can be hit and grabbed out of combos and has her angles adjusted. If you can’t beat her your either fighting a good bayonetta main or your just, respectively put: garbage.

        Also yes I main rosalina I’m also a peach and palutena main. It means nothing really.


    1. speaking of P2 Bayonetta amiibo has arrived in the mail on 7/19/2017 sent by Best Buy, shipped from OK on 7/17 to CO so i was technically not supposed to have it but Best Buy really is the best, shipping cost and tax is more affordable than GameStop but that doesn’t mean i wont shop at GameStop because i have 3 other amiibos i pre-ordered from them and unlike Best Buy i have to wait on release day for them to ship P1 and P2 Cloud and P1 Bayonetta. i get why most people don’t get the appeal of amiibos and they give legit reasons why they don’t like them but i do have to agree with them but unlike them i like collecting most that appeal to me and to each their own and it will not be the end of the world if people don’t buy them or don’t like them.


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