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It Is Splatoon 2 Launch Day And Japanese Gamers Are Trying To Find Switch Consoles

Huge lines have formed in Japan with eager gamers trying to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch console and a copy of the long-awaited Splatoon 2. A number of stores received fresh batches of consoles so naturally massive queues formed in a desperate attempt to secure them. It will certainly be interesting to see the Media Create sales that will be published on Wednesday!



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    1. Nintendo has no control over the issue. As long as Apple is still buying the components Nintendo need to make the Switch there will always be shortages. This is one of the reasons why I despise mobile gaming, too much demand for devices that will be outdated in half a year and not enough supply to go around.
      Nintendo wouldn’t have this problem if they had just made a competing console that didn’t require those components, but I guess common sense isn’t so common within Nintendo.

      1. What? Do you understand how the supply chain works? Haha. The bottleneck is flash storage. Why wouldn’t Nintendo use a standard chip for this? If they were using a custom solution that you seem to suggest, the problem would be worse. It would reduce the number of manufacturers they could buy from.

      2. Nonsense. A Wi-Fi chipset or haptic motors aren’t just for mobile. LCD, SoC, etc. aren’t used by Apple, nor there is anything more than a rumor to sustain that Apple competition.
        Simply they are low to react on wrong previsions.

    2. Nintendo is trying to satisfy all the request from people around the world for having a Switch.

      I don’t how I got the Switch back in day one. Maybe I got luck.

  1. 2017… 2017!!!
    And people STILL record vertically. I had to rotate the video (since my PC screen does not auto rotate) and then I had to turn the screen by 90%

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