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CEO Of Niantic Was Booed Onstage At Pokémon Go Fest As App Was Unplayable (Updated)

Things haven’t gone so well at the Pokémon GO fest as users have had problems connecting to the Pokémon GO servers which has naturally dispirited many. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, went on stage to address some of these concerns and was actually booed by the crowd who had spent time and money trying to get there, in the hope they would catch some lucrative Pokémon.

Update: If you’re following the events unfold on Twitter you’ll know that things are getting worse at the event with bottles thrown at presenters and now the crowd chanting  “We can’t play!”. It’s been a rough day for Niantic and the fans.



  1. I guess that’s what they get for spending $250+ on tickets from scalper, it’s not like they were going to distribute Acreus or anything, it was just gonna be this nice event where people could hang out and spend more money on tick- I mean hang out at the already accessible local park and play Pokémon Go!

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  2. Is this the Chicago event? Currently here now. It’s fricken crazy packed. It’s literally heaven for Nintendo fans. Uniqlo has the special Nintendo Design Shirts, Everyones in Pokemon Attire. Not inside the event but very close and people everywhere.

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      1. Why am I not surprised at a comment like this.

        You sure it’s not:
        -The many people who voted for Trump
        -Dank memes
        -The long lines at your closest fast food restaurant.
        -The embarrassing people who attend E3 and Comicon
        -The YouTube comments section
        -The Miiverse comment section
        -The Gamefaqs comment section
        -People on reddit.
        -Several fanbases


    1. Because spending tons of money and travel time to attend the event, and get this in return, makes them ungrateful.

      Define ungrateful…..


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