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GameStop: Nintendo Switch Bundles In Stock

If you are still after a Nintendo Switch console, which are admittedly still hard to find, then head on over to the GameStop website. The North American retailer has a variety of bundles in stock and ready to ship on August 1st. Sadly it is just bundles but it might be your best shot at getting one. You can view all the available bundles here.

5 thoughts on “GameStop: Nintendo Switch Bundles In Stock”

  1. I love gamestop they are so irrelevant, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a bundle including 1 Switch console with Botw and 1 ps4 game and 1 or 2 xbox one games for $399

  2. I actually like the SPLATOON BUNDLE. Which the extra game is SNIPPER CLIPS. Which happens to be my favorite Eshop game!!

    The other bundles are cool, but “Has Been Heros” would not be my secondary game of choice. They should add SNAKE PASS, Mr Thrifty, Fast Racing Neo or NBA PLAYGROUND instead.

  3. some of these arent bad. definitely grab one of the BotW bundles if you really want a Switch. im glad i went with the Neon – Mario Kart 8, BotW, Splatoon 2 bundle. it was $500 but now i wont have to go buy anything else

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