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NES Classic Edition Bundles Up At ThinkGeek

Update: It appears all bundles are now out of stock, though some are reporting they are going in and out of stock. Keep checking and hopefully you get lucky!

In what may be one of the final chances to secure the now discontinued NES Classic, ThinkGeek is offering different bundles that will allow you to obtain this rare item from Nintendo. You can see the full list of items by clicking here, or going to straight to an item by clicking one below;

NES Classic Edition + Mega Man Helmet, 8-Bit Pin Set

NES Classic Edition + Tetris Lamp & Book

NES Classic Edition + Mega Man Helmet, Proto Man Buster, Mega Buster Mug

NES Classic Edition + Slate & Shield Backpack, Travel Mug

NES Classic Edition + 3 Canvases, Puzzle, Puppet

NES Classic Edition + Book, Lamp, Puzzle

These range from $139.99 – $219.99 and are limited to 1 per person, but this may be a great chance to pick one up so you don’t have to go crazy on Ebay!

Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “NES Classic Edition Bundles Up At ThinkGeek”

  1. Really wanted a NES Classic. Would’ve liked to buy one for my mom too but I always missed it by what seemed like minutes every time it was available. Sucks but oh well, I’m not gonna make them take my money 🤷🏾‍♂️

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