Nintendo Has Discontinued The NES Classic Edition

Nintendo of America has confirmed to IGN that they’re discontinuing the NES Mini. The last shipments of the highly sought after system will go out to retailers this month. This will come as disappointing news to many but Nintendo of America says it was never meant to be an ongoing, long-term product.

“Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”

“NES Classic Edition wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product. However, due to high demand, we did add extra shipments to our original plans.”



  1. Well looks like I’ll never be able to get one of these now unless I’m extremely lucky. I would never pay more than $60 for this thing.

  2. You stupid, silly, sons of bitches!!! Do they not see how much more money they could make with this thing!? I just rushed to ebay to make as many offers as possible before word gets out and the prices shoot through the roof.

      1. ||My well-being? High Command stated before this weapon was even unleashed that it would be limited to a certain point, money is of no importance…||

        1. *jumps up and brushes off the catsup* Ugh! I was being sarcastic! You are SO not fun! :P And don’t you DARE tell me that High Command does not value the level of their coffers or they’d be selling their latest weapon at a loss and its accessories at lower prices!

          1. ||High Command values the things that matters the most, right now the Switch has 85.6% of the focus overall…||

            ||Leaving security to entities like me…||

              1. ||Obviously you do as you’re told or we pull the plug on more things…||

  3. All my friends want one and can’t got one. This is really crazy… how can they spit on all this money! I can’t beleive it… wow. I love Nintendo but sometimes I Just can’t understand them :/

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

      I think you confuse him for that idiot Reggie. That’s the guy trying to bring Nintendo down from the inside. No wonder he’s such a yes man to the shitty things Nintendo has done over the last 10 years… He wants them to fail.

  4. For Nintendo, discontinuing the NES mini is of the utter importance, now that pirate kits are widely available on the Internet.

    Nintendo is soon to reveal a brand new Virtual Console for the Switch, and the LAST THING they want is having a parallel product cannibalizing legacy game sales.

    Plus, Nintendo is paranoiac with piracy. They shut down everything they can’t control (or lost control of).

    Mark my words.

    1. Did the NES Mini offer games that were not already available on the VC for Wii or Wii U? Seems that the consumers of the Mini were either 1)hardcore Nintendo fans who probably already bought the games on the VC, or were planning to, and 2)the more casual fan who wasn’t going to buy the Switch or other consoles anyways.

      I don’t feel like there would be much of the Mini competing with the VC in either case. One of the biggest draws of the product was the actual physical aesthetic of having a tiny NES. It was a fun little novelty item that had some great games on it. Frankly, I think Nintendo could have made a lot more money off of it and not have to worry about its effect on the VC.

  5. “We have paid close attention to consumer feedback”

    Translation: “We hear you, but we don’t fucking care!”

    “we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”

    Translation: “Thanks for all your cash, and we could have more of it, but we know this’ll increase the value of our brand, which is why we ALWAYS make low stock of popular products!”

  6. Wow. Who knew Nintendo was allergic to money? This is every seller’s dream. High demand for their product. And Nintendo just says, oh screw it. Who needs money?

    No customer loyalty here at all.

  7. Very stupid but I think I know why. They want people buying VC games on their Switches.

    Fucking idiots.

    1. Exactly what I said and think. Nothing else really.

      Nintendo have their own reasons. Consumer’s logic may or may not be part of their equation, as long as the result is lined up with their vision…

      They are still in a bubble of their own, and that won’t change until something really bad happens to them. Wii U was an admitted mistake, hovever they did not learn from that.

      The Switch being successful, in Nintendo’s mind, actually means that far from learned a lesson from the Wii U: they think the Wii U was just a punctual roadblock, and that they don’t have to change their 1985 philosophy.

      It works for now, but will come a day in the not-so-distant future where the bubble will burst. The honeymoon won’t last forever.

      Nintendo of the Switch era is the same as ever before.

      1. They’re fixing the major problem they had with the Wii U which was game output from first and third parties. Oh, and western third parties aren’t the only ones that matter. The 3DS and pretty much every Nintendo handheld before it did just fine without big western AAA games. If the Switch has the same support the 3DS had plus all of Nintendo backing it and I guess devs from the Vita too since Sony is unlikely to make a successor it could not fail unless there’s an outbreak of catastrophic stupidity at Nintendo. Discontinuation of the NES Classic isn’t on that level. Ruining all their franchises with crap releases on the scale of Other M and Federation Force would be.

        1. This is exactly why I think the Switch will sell at least as well as the 3DS. All those devs that are used to developing for handhelds have nowhere to go with the Vita ready to retire, and the 3DS following shortly. The Switch is the only logical step from here, and contrary to popular opinion, there is still a strong market for gaming on the go. Plus Nintendo can now focus all their attention on one system.

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

        *sigh* This is what I’m afraid…

    2. If they’re worried that the average Nintendo fan wouldn’t buy it for having another way to play it they should be more concerned about the 3DS. Gotta wonder what’s going on in their heads…

        1. If the 3DS isn’t discontinued by the last quarter of 2018 I’ll be legitimately surprised. Even Pokemon looks like they may release their last 3DS game in 2018 since they usually use event mons to lengthen a gen until the next one comes out, but they’ve already announced Marshadow leaving no other Pokemon. Gen 7 may be the shortest gen yet.

  8. Sometimes Nintendo has their heads stuck up their butts. I’ve been wanting the NES Classic Edition ever since before it was supposedly launched. I’ve never seen it in any stores. Every time I go somewhere, I’m hoping I find one. Now I read THIS. Words can’t express how I’m feeling right now.

    Thank god I at least got the Famicom Mini. Now I don’t regret paying $115+ for it. But there’s NO WAY I’m paying close to (or over) $200 for an NES Mini from scalpers. HECK NO! Sometimes I feel ashamed of Nintendo.

  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    *simply shakes head* Meanwhile, devices similar to it like that Sega Genesis thingy are still being sold for a nice price elsewhere. At this point, if it’s popular, Nintendo is gonna limit it’s stock to increase it’s value which ultimately only serves the losers selling it for a lot more than it’s actually worth. (Fucking scalpers!) And once again, it seems some of the amiibo are going back to doing this. TP Link is already sold out at GameStop where it’s exclusve. FUCK!!!

    Good thing I didn’t want one, though. Shame for the millions, AND MILLIONS, that do.

  10. ||You people are so narrow-minded, still haven’t learned anything…||

  11. Probably discontinued because of it being hacked. Maybe Nintendo will make an improved version later on.

  12. I had been hoping to pick one of these up, but I could never find them – I think I saw exactly one, which we were selling at Toys R Us during my seasonal position there and you could only get through winning a raffle because it was so low-stock.
    Welp. They don’t want my money so I guess emulators will have to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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