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Nintendo Shares Close-Up Images Of Twintelle’s Derrière And Feet From ARMS

Twintelle is arguably the most popular character in ARMS for certain reasons. Not only is she a mega celeb with various acting awards and accolades under her belt, she also owns exclusive lines of fashion and perfume. To highlight this particular aspect, Nintendo has shared a couple zoomed-in pictures of Twintelle’s derrière and feet, which are emblazoned with apparel from her own brand. You can take a look at them in the embedded tweet below:

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Shares Close-Up Images Of Twintelle’s Derrière And Feet From ARMS”

      1. They went beyond this with Bayonetta 2, this isn’t anything new per se. Nintendo hasn’t ever been afraid of sexuality anyway. Just look at Samus in early Metroid games. Running around in a bikini back in 1986. They have censored violence over sexuality historically.

      1. LOL NOOO WE DOONTT!!!!! I can picture Joy Cons around the globe having sticky buttons like juice spilled on it lol

    1. Why do people keep using that same tired old comeback?
      You do know fully grown men have a sex drive too, why else do you think so men go out of their way to attract the ladies (or dudes, I ain’t judging)?
      It’s not a kids thing anymore and using that is kind of creepy…. are you suggesting you’ve seen young boys fap to Animated Booties?

      1. You know I was joking right? you know a JOKE? I’m not suggesting anything and the fact you would think I am is quite frankly laughable.

        Chill out don’t take comments like this seriously. Don’t like em? then ignore em.

  1. So Nintendo themselves have uploaded quality shots of Twintelle’s… ample posterior. Bold move.

    Now can they stop censoring that stuff in games that it actually makes sense to have it in like Fatal Frame and Fire Emblem?

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