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Here’s Some Wonderful Official Metroid: Samus Returns Artwork

The big Nintendo 3DS title that gamers are undoubtedly looking forward to this September is Metroid: Samus Returns. The game arrives on September 15th and artwork from the game, which can be found in the gallery behind one of the amiibo unlocks, has found its way online and it looks absolutely stunning. Check it out below!


29 thoughts on “Here’s Some Wonderful Official Metroid: Samus Returns Artwork”

      1. As a Metroid fan, good for me too. I don’t have a Switch yet nor can I afford one, but I do have a 2DS and I’m glad Metroid isn’t skipping this handheld generation. Besides Fed Force. Sure the game would look better on Switch, but more people can play it now. On 3DS. Plus Metroid 2 was on Gameboy back then, cool that it’s on handheld today too, even if Switch has a handheld mode.

      2. Cool opinion. Just like it was a waste for Nintendo to develop a Zelda game from the ground up for WiiU, only to have all the unique functionality removed so they could sell the switch.

        Only Switch gamers will she’d tears that the game will be beautifully depicted in 2.5D on the 3DS.

        I can’t wait.

        1. Zelda was meant to be for Wii U then delay after delay they decided to bring to on switch too.
          What exactly is your “sarcasm point” to bring Zelda on 3ds? cause it have more owners? Like wii u have but Zelda on wii u salles on zelda with 13million base was worse than the switch with much smaller base?

          i said it was a waste to be on 3ds while it should be on switch too. Switch is far better machine than 3ds so yes its a fucking waste to be only on a machine that is only handled.
          Not HD on 2017. I dont care if nintendo want to bring this new metroid even on the atari 2600. or the new atari. or Xbox one (kek) They should bring it on the new system with the name “Switch” cause this is the best system right now from nintendo for the future. And a HD port for Switch i doupt is gonna be so hard for nintendo to bring.
          Also i dont care if you like to drink water from the street (cause you are a dog)
          i like to bring water in the best possible way like in a glass for example. you realise the water example is a metaphor for metroid right?
          Also i can give you a bet if Nintendo could bring Metroid on Switch day one is gonna sell better than 3ds.

          1. You just better watch yer language ’round WiiU fans, else you find yourself with a whole lotta more where that came from!

            It would have been nice if Nintendo created HD assets for switch, while keeping the 3D version for the 3DS. But that would require Nintendo to:

            1. use logic.
            2. Hold fan requests as a higher priority.

            So yeah. Sorry bout your luck mate, cause Nintendo doesn’t do either of those!

            1. The worst thing could happen if one from these wii u fans is you…is gonna be a pee on my leg :PPP

              1) Nintendo doesn’t use logic on many things.
              2) “Hold fan requests” opinnions are irrelevant if metroid could come on Switch + 3ds too.

              3) dont feel sorry for me. maybe i will play it on Cintra for better visuals. or i will just play it on my new 3ds depends my mood.

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  2. I like how they chose to remind me why I already hate this game with a freaking Shoryuken artwork….

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  4. So pretty! … I agree, I would of preferred it on Switch as I had to dish out £200 in a console I didn’t want lol … Hope more Metroid stuff comes out … Can’t wait for my legacy edition!

  5. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

    Is this locked behind some kind of figurine that only a couple dozen people can get a hold of?

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