Flight Of Light Coming To Wii U August 3rd

The Wii U eShop will see the release of rhythm game Flight of Light on August 3rd in both North America and Europe. Players will get to play through a variety of different worlds to the sound of upbeat EDM tunes moving in time with the music to get high scores using speed boosts to help them along the way. Split-screen local multiplayer is also available that supports up to 5 players.

Flight of Light will be priced at $8/€8.



    1. You mean the game franchise that’s loved but also doesn’t historically sell all that well? Why would that make someone not a fan of a system that still has a lot of great games?

        1. When did I say it should come out on the Wii U? Prime 3 was the only one to sell more than 1 million copes and that was on console that sold 100 million units.

          And again, what about a game coming out on the Switch would make somebody no longer a fan of the Wii U and the games that came out on it? Did Mario 64 cause people to hate the SNES? Even as a kid I would play the SNES and I still plugged up the NES every once in a while to play Mario 3, Star Tropics, and other games.

          Like what logic are using?

      1. he doesn’t use logic he’s just a troll… a very odd troll who likes to troll his own kind apparently because he’s worried he’ll get banned for being the kind of troll he used to be.

    2. wow Nintendo fans have finally stoop to insulting their own kind.

      looks like the Nintendo Civil War is still alive and well.

      1. Looks like Civil war is still alive. Are you still alive? be careful. Maybe a car will hit you when you passing the street. i saw many poor dogs dead from bastards who left them there

        “Civil war” lmao a comment about how wii u owners should move on on switch is a civil war. i thought dogs can’t see colors. i didn’t knew dog’s was totally blind :P
        How then the dogs can move normaly? oh daredevil

        1. The Civil War was not just due to your comment. Many, MANY feel as you do.

          And I’m a dog that hits people, not the other way around. ;D

    1. Why? It’s a Nintendo system. You guys post about NES games that sell on eBay for high prices and links to DYKG and Gaming Historian videos about older games and systems, too.

      1. I meant as in we never really hear about the console anymore. I still very much love the Wii U, I just wish it had the chance to stick around for a bit longer. Needless to say though, the Switch is always in my hand ha!

    2. Stop trolling. You dont love the wii u . You just feel sorry for it cause it was the worst console from all nintendo home consoles. it is just the “sorry” that you feeling right now . not love. Now lets play some splatoon baby!!

      1. i love the wii u but i do agree that it had a ton (not tonne because im chicano-‘murican) of flawed concepts and marketing (which had none) but it had great games, most of the great games are niche like bayonetta 2 which i still have (the day one edition aka the first print edition which had the first game included), i still play it every now and then, actually i play all of my consoles every now and then because of work so its not just the wii u. did wii u flopped? it sure did but at least its still selling decent in japan unlike the xbone which had a lifetime sales of 80,000 compared to 3,500,000 (or over 3 million) lifetime sales of wii u in japan. you can bash on the console all you want but you do have to admit that the wii u did have a lot of great games (1st, 2nd, and some 3rd party including indies).

        1. 1st) Wii u is not selling anymore is japan is officialy dead even on the Japan castle. just sold 176 wii u consoles the last week.

          2) you are wrong. I dont just “bashing” the wii u for the games it had. im bashing it cause for the games it didn’t had compared to the much much better compatitors.

          3) you mention xbox? who give a fuck about it xD ? You said i have to admit it wii u had good games?. well :)) xenoblade is a very bad game (sarcasm) thats why i just played only 200hours :) bayonetta 2 is also a bad game thats why i play like 90hours and beat rodin too also this rodin…is so much a nightmare who can make the dark souls look like a kirby game. so you can realise i had wii u my self and even if i knew is gonna be the worst home console ever made by nintendo i was still going to buy it cause i have to play these games. (not just these 2 im talking about the whole package)

          4) yours and everyone else biggest mistake is you people talking about sales
          This is very wrong. No1 of you is a member on the nintendo company. The sales are irrelevant for how good the console is. Many people thinking gamecube was a flop too compared to ps2….what a i said who cares for salles when gamecube have a big and very strong library + decent prime 1 still looks good

          5) You think my point for the failure on wii u is because i compare the sales with xbox one and ps4? No First i dont even care for sales (well i want the console to have high sales but thats not my line im not working for nintendo i want games. ) I compare the wii u with n64 with gamecube with wii. all these consoles had games Legendary games. Pokemon stadium-collosseum..,Fire emblem,Metroid,,,,,,,Zelda,animal crossing wii u didn’t had these games wii u didn’t even had a legendary mario game Like n64 had mario64 gamecube had mario sunshine wii had galaxy..switch have mario oddys…wii u had? mario 3d world?? Lmao not even close its a fun game tho i is easy a 9/10 but wii u need a single good 3d world mario game. like the rest consoles.

          Dont compare Wii u with ps4 or what ever “outsider”The wii u is a failure only cause is compared to the consoles that shares the same blood.

      2. ||You are a bit better than I thought, good, something to work on then…||

          1. ||I never even played the first one, too busy with Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X, but irrelevant, my skills will improve for each time by 45%…||

            1. i just though you had played the first one :ooo i just want to be on your team and everyone else on my friend list cause i trust my friend list much more than random noobs.
              Im very good on bayonnetta too this is what i had in my mind till i face rodin… i get raped on rodin when i fight him. and i mean huge rape. it took me like 12 hours totall to beat him….

              1. ||Yes, you are quite skilled, in league battles we must be on same team…||

      3. I feel sorry for you that the Wii you must have backed over your cat for you to feel so strongly against it.

        the truth is is that you are the troll and lots of us still love the Wii U for what it was.

        1. 1) i bet you didn”t read the facts why the Wii u is a failure. so stop annoying me with your slow replies.

          2) Im not trolling unless you can prove that i trolling then you can be more reliable. but using the word “troll” as your weapon is very weak.

          3)How about we speak about reality? Ofc you love your wii u. That doesn’t mean is not the worst home console nintendo ever made. This is the reality. You just love the failure. why you dont accept it? or you accept it when you said “for what it was” Cause you know like i said again on the comment above if i knew wii u is gonna be so failure with so many games not coming and nintendo support will be so low. i was still gonna buy it day one. Cause i want to play zombie u day one. cause i want to play mario kart after. Xenoblade,splatoon,bayonetta.smash,etc etc.
          You realise that im not comparing the wii u to xbox and ps4 right?

          1. Ok, look, I’m sorry I called you a troll.

            Now, I’ve been a Nintendo fan since before you were born, and I know good and well why WiiU failed. And I know why 3rd parties have abandoned Nintendo and why there is a glimmer of hope they might come back.

            But you insult WiiU owners again, and it’s curtains… CURTAINS.

            1. Old man. You cant focus on the replies you get. why do i bother to answer you? maybe cause im trying to save the last wii u fan from hes death -That was a trolling joke time to get serius now-

              Old man. You know good and well why wiiU failed right?. Old man. focus. what is the meaning and what is the term for a console to be called a failure.? salles? or 3d party support? You propably talking about sales and 3d party support while im not talking about these (real) points. (Also im sure you dont know the whole number of reassons why wii u failed for sales and 3d support but this is irrelevant to my point why wii u is the worst home console nintendo ever made)

              Throw this bullshit that i “insult wii u onwers” cause I AM A wii u owner (was i sold it to buy switch 3 days before the release)

              Why do i have to explain you facts and reality while you are blind fanboy who won’t listen anyway? did i say fanboy? sorry i meant fan-oldman :P

              You see the words like “the wiiu is the worst” and you instant think im saying wii u should never come to life and everyone who bought it are morrons” this is more or less that makes you to keep to replying on me. while i said im am Nintendo fun since n64 day one. sorry i am to young for you? lmao veteran
              the next thing that makes you keep going on this dead end is cause you know me as a troll. ok Listen old man. I have stop trolling long time now. so if that makes you to keep trying to be serious cause you think im trolling. Im not. and i can bring you a detailed reasson why the “wii u is the worst console nintendo ever made”. yes i know its hard to accept it. cause you hae some illusions like you think im comparing wii u with ps4 or xbox while im comparing it with only Nintendo consoles i dont give a fuck about the others. and then you think im talking about sales while i still i dont give a fuck. i want GAMES. something that Wii u DIDIN’T HAD.

              1. I figured if you were turning over a new leaf, from your life as a troll, I’d use positive reinforcement. ;D If you wish to continue the occasional trolling, I’ll see you on the Battlefield. >:)

            2. Because i doupt you will read the whole text.
              Im telling you again cause you know me as a troll. Im not trolling anymore. in fact i never trolled for real. i was only pretenting to be troll cause i like the reactions. and the debate and how the people can get the bait Trolling like “who the fuck playing mk8 on switch on 2017?” while in the same time i was on the screen for selecting the next course

  1. Woah okay , that’s a bit weird that one of the last Wii U games is coming out on my birthday, it’s like a flashback to when I got my Wii U Deluxe Edition back in 2013 for my birthday lol

    1. that is because xbone is dead in japan but since its coming for the US and Europe i don’t know why but me thinks its to test the waters if it will sell well on a dead console (around the world minus japan) before jumping on a dead console (only in japan)

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