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Japan: Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Demo Coming August 10th

Japanese gamers will soon be able to get a taste of Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch as a playable demo is due to be released soon. The demo for the popular Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch will arrive on August 10th. With the Nintendo Switch being region free, everyone will be able to jump on board and play it. You just need to make a Japanese account.



    1. Just when you throw me your sub weapon…i saw it passing from my head and stayed on my back… Its ok i said. He missed. i said..4-3-2-1..boom…this annoying toy that follow the oppoment was …….i tried your weapon after is very fun this sub weapon.

        1. LMAOSH- always the strategy guy who will go like commando on enemy base and putting teleports and assasinating the enemy team :P

          Ridley- Always top on the painting to get the job done

          Me- always the worst painting and just focusing on kills. and been annoying like always:P

          Commander- is everything above :P

          1. ||That’s very accurate although I still haven’t played with RidleySlayer…||

    2. sorry mr role player but monster hunter is alot better than your beloved space fighting girlfriend!

      1. ||You don’t even know what I meant and you never have and never will…||

  1. and sorry but i do seriously think our roleplayin commander has special needs, aspergers syndrome or some form of autism is my estimate.

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