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Ripstone Reveals Second Game For Nintendo Switch: Chess Ultra

Ripstone, the British publisher behind hit games including Ironcast, Stick it to the Man, and Extreme Exorcism, is excited to reveal that Chess Ultra, their new in-house developed chess title will launch this year on Nintendo Switch. Chess Ultra features stunning visuals, seamless online multiplayer and Grandmaster-approved AI that offers the ultimate chess experience. Check out the trailer now!

Ripstone have been publishing games for over five years, and are on the verge of releasing Ironcast on Nintendo Switch™ next week, but Chess Ultra is the first game to be crafted by their own in-house development team.

Key features of the game include…
• Stunning environments and beautiful chess sets, including a ‘Fire and Brimstone’ chess set that literally burns
• 10 Grandmaster approved AI levels
• Comprehensive time controls, including Classical, Blitz and Marathon, all available online
• Intuitive local and online multiplayer with ELO ranking system
• Over 80 chess puzzles
• Re-write the past by winning the biggest historic matches
• In-depth tutorials
More details, and Nintendo specific features, will be revealed soon.

The game launched earlier this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC & VR, and was positively received by chess enthusiasts and new players alike. “The team here at Ripstone are delighted to bring Chess Ultra to Nintendo Switch, it gives players a completely different, intuitive way to play the game. There’s a lot of lifelong Nintendo fans in the studio, and we love being able to support the console” states Matt Southern, Head of Development at Ripstone.

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    1. Lol I know plenty of people but none of them play chess tho. Im considering a purchase since I haven’t played chess in years. If it’s priced well why not. I imagine I’m one of a very few that feel this way tho lol

  1. I have a pretty sick idea for how to make chess more exciting. You give the game more flourish – give it an epic medieval fantasy setting, expand the board and make it look more like a real battlefield, etc. Give RPG stats to the pieces and differentiate them by classes and personal traits. Perhaps introduce some sort of weapon system where you can equip your units with different types of weapons, and give them certain advantages and disadvantages. Some pieces should also be able to take out the opponent’s pieces from two or more squares away. Finally, make sure that one piece is particularly good at the start of the game, but then ends up sucking in the late game.

  2. ||Good, chess is a weapon for Commanders, not peasants…||

  3. Since Sickr has forgotten to add a trailer clip, here’s one that I’m sure that’s gonna make you scream, “CHECK MATE!”

  4. Do we have hoverboards in 2017? No, but we have photorealistic virtual reality chess with realtime physics simulation. It feels like you’re actually playing chess, how crazy is that!

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