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Next DLC Pack For Zelda Breath Of Wild Will Add More Zelda-Related Equipment

We don’t know all that much about the contents in the second pack of downloadable content for the prestigious The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, we have found out today that the next batch of DLC will include more Zelda-related equipment that’s sure to excite fans. Unfortunately that’s all we know at the moment but more is set to be revealed in the coming months so stay tuned!


27 thoughts on “Next DLC Pack For Zelda Breath Of Wild Will Add More Zelda-Related Equipment”

  1. I am really looking forward to this DLC pack. I have over 1,000 hours logged on the Wii U version of this game, and I am looking forward to taking on the Champion’s Ballad when it does release later this year. I will also be doing it as part of my Let’s Play of the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild.

    I do wonder what armor sets they could add to Breath of the Wild… Link already crossdresses in terms of the Gerudo vai outfit, so maybe some outfits that Zelda wore in previous games. And I am NOT counting the Lobster Shirt/Tunic in this speculation, since we already know that is coming with this DLC Pack. I hope we get more starting outfits from other Zelda games. Like Link’s Ordon Village outfit from Twilight Princess, or his Academy outfit from Skyward Sword and I am NOT talking about the green tunic he wears in Skyward Sword I am well aware that is available via the usage of Amiibo. It would be interesting if we had a hint through the Lobster Shirt, and that the rest of the armor is going to be some of the other starting outfits from other games.

    I do hope we get more news sometime in the next month. (Late August to maybe early October). I really do want to know more about the Champions Ballad. So far the DLC has been worth the $20 I spent to get it, and the second DLC Pack is the icing on the cake. Just wonderful. I do wonder if Nintendo is hiding anything else in terms of this DLC pack.

    – NintendoLperZDude/Ultimate_Litten

    1. How the heck do you have over 1,000 hours? I’ve done everything 100% except Trial of the Sword and I’m only over 300. Did you do Master Mode too? I’m saving that for somewhere down the line when new releases slow down.

      1. I have done Master Mode and I am in the middle of my Let’s Plays of both Master and Normal Modes for the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild right now. Check the link in my Twitter bio if you want to check those out.
        In regards to how I have over 1,000 hours logged in the Wii U version of the game… I have no job and I am unemployed for the time being. I have been looking for a job for over a year right now, and no such luck. My father only gives me enough money for me to buy food with. He pays for my rent, and he doesn’t want to buy me any form of entertainment right now. So unless my YouTube channel was to take off seemingly overnight, then I don’t see me getting a Switch anytime soon.

      2. He’s a full time gamer. And I mean that quite literally. He said so, using other words a few weeks back. just FYI!

        I’m at over 150, but I’ve fallen asleep with the gamepad a couple times… x.x

      1. (Can’t seem to reply to your other comment, so I’ll reply here) A pain like starving and not having money to do anything but work on a futile YouTube channel and futilely apply to jobs and whatnot? I just replied to his question and answered it to the best of my abilities. But I guess eating two meals a day is what everyone else does all the time. >.> Ah well… I can’t eat three meals but no place seems to give a crap, and my father is starting to care less and less these days. If this sounds like begging then I feel sorry for you. I’ll sell my soul for a job that pays me a living wage at this point

    2. A reply to your later comment.

      Have you thought about going back to school or doing an apprenticeship of some sort?

      Also locally we have government funded job search in which they assist you in resume preparation and job search. Not sure if you have that there.
      Maybe consider relocating where there may be jobs.

      Also you could volunteer at a place with the possibility of employment. Craft your skills during your time of unemployment and have a thorough background to provide even when not being employed.

  2. The wii u version is the better version anyway, only game i have on the switch is splatoon 2 as it’s a NEW game not a fucking port of a old game i’ve already played and moved on from.

    1. I am broke and I can’t seem to find a job, so I don’t have a Switch. I have been playing Splatoon on the Wii U as of late, since I don’t really enjoy my playtime on Breath of the Wild being SO effing high, but oh well. If you want my YouTube channel, then you can always check my Twitter profile.

      1. No I cannot, and I am too poor, so I cannot afford a Switch right now. So in terms of new games all I have is Breath of the Wild and the DLC for it.

        I do hope this one program can help me find a job, but until either I or my father hear back from them I am currently unemployed and have been for over a year. I do Let’s Plays on YouTube (Link is in my Twitter bio), and I am currently doing a LP of Breath of the Wild for the Wii U right now.

  3. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

    As the first commenter said, hopefully we’ll see other starting outfits like the Skyward Sword outfit Link wore before getting his knight’s tunic, aka Link’s iconic green garbs.

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