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Mayo Wins In European Splatoon 2 Splatfest

The Splatfest event in Splatoon 2 for Europe has now come to an end. The results are in and it has been confirmed that Mayo has once again won. This means that in Japan, the US and now Europe, the team splatting for Mayo have walked away from the Splatfest victorious. Ketchup appeared to be more popular in votes in the US and Europe, however, the collective performance of Mayo Splatoon 2 players meant that Ketchup ultimately lost when it came to battling it out on the field.



  1. Damn, should have gone with Mayonnaise after all! ;_;
    I think so far I’ve never been on the winning team in any Splatfest. At least any Splatfest that I actually reachd high ranks in (I might have been on the winning team in some other splatfests, where I barely participated)


    1. You know I congratulated Mayo for winning but tbh with comments like yours I can understand them being salty. You provoke someone they’re going to react, they’re only human after all.


      1. @Koshua5 The difference between you and me and most people here is that I don’t leave shitty comment to stir things up just so I can get worthless likes.


  2. As long as you’re Mayo/Ketchup King/Queen, it doesn’t really matter who wins.

    21 shells vs 24 shells isn’t that big of a difference honestly. Hell, I don’t even need that many yet.

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