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Japan: Around 5000 People Queued Up For The Chance To Buy A Switch This Weekend

Supply and demand for the Nintendo Switch in Japan doesn’t show many signs of levelling as potential consumers are continually trying their luck at buying one. This weekend saw around 5000 people queuing up to try and win the chance of purchasing a Nintendo Switch with apparently only 10% of them walking away successful. A lottery was put into place at Bic Camera Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Check out some the Tweets below to get a better idea of how desperate the situation seems in Japan right now.



  1. like i predicted 2 yrs ago and put my money were my mouth was/is and purchased a share in the beloved nintendo as i did in 2005 before the wii

    AND STILL PEOLE DONT LISTEN TO COMMONSENSE be it 2005 or 2016 ignorence is bliss i suppose,,,2+2=4 and wii ds and switch = domination to any level headed high IQ investor

  2. I really don’t think Nintendo will be able to meet demands and actually have Switch units comfortably stocked at most stores world wide until sometime next year. Maybe even as late as next Summer. It will slow down eventually, but Japan is going to be insane for a while, with all the heavy hitters over there like MH:XX, DQB2 and DQXI. Worldwide, with the big releases from Nintendo each month, upcoming holiday sales and even first party games announced so far for 2018 (and who knows what third party surprises await beyond what we know now) Switch will definitely remain popular, and as long as it does, third parties won’t be able to ignore the userbase, doubly so with third party games already selling really well on the system.

  3. It’s hard to believe there’s so many people wanting a Switch, even with the extreme lack of good games it has at the moment. Then again, I bought one only for Zelda. Which (in my opinion) is still the only Switch game worth playing. Can’t wait for Super Mario Odyssey.

    1. Splatoon is definitely worth playing, if you haven’t yet! And some indie games are great as well.

    2. Then if you don’t like multiplayer games, Splatoon 2, ARMS and Battle Mode on Mario kart 8 online is awesome, stop saying lacking good games, just because they do not fit your requirements.

    3. You see, that kind of comment reeks of ignorance, Splatoon 2 has a really really solid single player experience, sure is not 15 hours long, but combined with the amazing multiplayer experience, it really does offer a lot. should do some research first.

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