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US: Metroid: Samus Returns Teaser Site Now Live

The US teaser website for the much-anticipated 3DS game Metroid: Samus Returns is now live. The full site is coming soon but it already does a great job of showing off what the game has to offer. There will no doubt be more surprises from Nintendo in the coming months until the game launches on September 17 but at least we can gawk at some images and info all in one place for the time being.

Check it out for yourself right here.

11 thoughts on “US: Metroid: Samus Returns Teaser Site Now Live”

  1. I won’t be getting into the Amiibo crap for this game but I’m still going to buy and play the hell out of it. I’ve been waiting way too long for a proper Metroid.

    Btw, fuck you Nintendo for this games use of Amiibo. At least in BotW there’s no reason besides nostalgia to want any of the Amiibo content. The in game green tunic is actually much stronger that the Amiibo ones as well so I’m not missing out at all.

    1. The content is not worth $40. The amiibo are yes, but that’s like saying you’re going to buy the amiibo to unlock the content and then throw them in the garbage. Most of the stuff will easily be free to view or listen to on the internet if you really want to know what it is without buying the amiibo. The hard/fusion mode being behind an amiibo is pretty dumb, but apparently it does unlock the fusion suit which I understand being a bonus for the amiibo. People are always bitching that the amiibo do nothing good and now when it does, people are all pissed off. At least the hard mode isn’t locked behind a 25 dollar season pass like BotW. So most of the content behind these amiibo is simply fan service for those that will buy the amiibo because they like owning the figure themselves. No one buys amiibo JUST for the in-game content

      1. The $20 BotW season pass gives you more than just hard mode so is a better value for the money. Also, for someone like me this would cost even more since I only have a plain XL meaning I’d either have to buy an Amiibo reader or upgrade to a “new” model just to scan these fucking things. It’s bullshit and indefensible. If they locked the Fusion suit behind Amiibo, fine. They pretty much did the same thing with the GameCube version of Metroid Prime connecting to Metroid Fusion. What they didn’t do was lock hard mode behind that connection.

  2. to get the fusion suit on Metroid Prime you needed to buy a gameboy advance, a link cable, and the metroid fusion GBA game, no one complained all those years back, but now we gotta attack Amiibos because is the hipster thing to do.

  3. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

    Too bad I won’t be able to get certain extra features in the game because of shitty amiibo stock. Thanks a lot, ShitenD’OH! *facepalm* of ‘Muricah! Sure are plenty of fucking Mario amiibo, though, huh! -.- In this area, Disney is obviously better since I see plenty of figurines of characters that aren’t Mickey as most get plenty of stock. But not Nintendo. Nooo! Gotta make sure there are plenty of Mario & Peach & Bowser so fuck everyone else, right!?

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