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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Updated To Version 1.6.0

Fire Emblem Heroes will be having a big month, with plenty of updates and events being planned for the next few weeks. The latest one is now live, which has updated the game to version 1.6.0. We don’t know how large the update is on iOS devices, but we do know that the update is 11.32 MB on Android. The patch notes and additions are below, so feel free to check them out.

  • It is now possible to summon once during new Summoning Events without using Orbs.
  • The summoning appearance rates for 3-Star and 4-Star Heroes have been adjusted. Please note this change affects Summoning Events that begin after the update.
  • The Catalog of Heroes has been added.
  • A new mode has been added: Arena Assault.
  • It is now easier to train Heroes in the Arena and Training Tower.
  • adds a new Arena mode: Arena Assault
  • adds a Catalog of Heroes
  • raised the max. Hero Limit
  • adds improvements to the Training Tower
  • Arena now gives more EXP and SP
  • and more…




    1. There are a lot of tricks that could help you to get a hero to the top, first focus on getting them to level 20 and unlocking their potential everytime you get the chance to, once you hit 5 stars, then get back to focusing on leveling up.


    1. Jesuzz Christ, you are an Orb Hoarder! Also, congrats, that’s awesome.

      I really enjoy this game, IDK why I don’t play more often.


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