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New Fighters For ARMS May Have Been Discovered Due To Datamining

It looks as though a few talented individuals may have uncovered a batch of new fighters for the Nintendo Switch brawler, ARMS. The information was discovered by dataminers and it is unclear when or if these characters will appear in the game. Nintendo has promised to keep the game updated with new content in the same way they did with the excellent Splatoon. Here’s the fighters that have been uncovered!

  • Chain
  • Coil
  • Plant
  • Robo
  • Scroll
  • Sumo
  • Surprise
  • Sweet
  • Twintale




      1. Some people must know everything they can. And they dont care / can’t understand how others don’t want to know. Thus they spoil it for the rest of us.

  1. A lot of these are probably just codenames for characters already in the game. Twintale is obviously Twintelle, for example.

    “Plant” is an interesting one though as I thought ever since the game came out that we would get a fighter that has jungle tree vines for ARMS. I also think we could get a fighter that has spider silk ARMS and maybe a cowboy character with rope ARMS (his grab is a lasso, anyone?).

    1. My idea for a rope-armed fighter was more that of a sailor/captain that could possibly have anchors as gloves. Only goes to show how much more untapped potential there is in the Arms roster.

    1. What bad news pertaining to Splatfest? You mean sore losers? Not much Nintendo can do about that.

    2. I’m starting to question how old are marina fans because majority of them like to jerk off to her already they didn’t pick what they like they just probs look her boobs during the whole choose your team dialogue and just oh marina is keptchup I’m going to choose that because she’s my fav wafui

        1. I know minority of you chose ketchup because you like it but also you have to remember majority the last splatfest Eve only chose cake ice cream because marina I only choose ice cream because I love it not because marina is octoling that’s half dress and pretends like she’s only here sex appeal

    1. You mean my reference?

      Well, Wii U Daily turned into a shitty news site, so needy for clicks. For example, a time ago Miyamoto was interviewed, and instead of posting the note by a simple interview, they splitted it and every single statement he said was a different note. If Reggie farted they were able to turn it into three independent topics.

      I mean, it was humor before (or maybe it was just me), I’m confident MyNintendoNews won’t walk that way.

  2. To everyone saying they already have characters – they don’t. The codenames were linked to files of character models and other information, the characters already in the game have their own codenames not listed here.

  3. As someone with experience in data mining and other related stuff, these just sound like internal references to characters we already have. Sometimes in game development they just give things shorthand names to make things easier, you could easily see this in many games, especially in Nintendos own, just by taking a look.

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