Nintendo Switch

Off the Hook’s Two New Splatfest Singles Are Available Online And In-Game

If you had the chance to participate in the most recent Splatfest, you may have found yourself bopping along to two new songs playing in the background.

These two new songs are called “Acid Hues” and “Much Warfare” and have now been added to the Ika Radio 2 mini game within Splatoon 2. If you’d like to give them a listen now, you can find them in the below YouTube clips from Nintendo.

Here is “Acid Hues”:

And here’s “Much Warfare”:

What do you think of the two new tracks? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. “Acid Hues” and “Ebb and Flow” beat everything released by Taylor Swift and Megan Trainer combined- I’d rather hear those two tracks at places like Best Buy (or, any store, really) that anything by those two narcissistic hacks any day.


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