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Super Meat Boy Dev Asks Fans If They Would Like A Physical Switch Release

Super Meat Boy originally launched in 2010 on Xbox 360 and PC, and was immediately labelled as a definitive work in the sub-genre of brutally difficult platformers. Fast forward seven years and we could well be seeing the beginnings of a Nintendo Switch release. The official Twitter account has posed an important question to their fans, to gauge community interest regarding a physical Switch release if it ever were to materialise. Should Nicalis bring Super Meat Boy on Switch to retail? Go and cast your vote here, but be quick – Twitter polls don’t stay active for long.

3 thoughts on “Super Meat Boy Dev Asks Fans If They Would Like A Physical Switch Release”

  1. Physical yes please, dont get me wrong, I would love a bit of double action where a physical release would offer a machine / account specific download (as the cartridge could remain at home etc at that point) But physical releases just have that I actually own something factor.

    And well if Super Meat Boy (Forever) would not make it as a physical release, sure I am fine with download as well.
    Main thing still is Switch needs more games … so any decent third party classic like this is always welcome for me.

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