Nintendo Switch

Here’s Some Phantom Trigger Switch Footage

The RPG eShop title Phantom Trigger will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, and YouTube channel Nintendo Impact Gaming has got an early look at the new game.

You can check out 21 minutes of gameplay from the channel in the clip below:

Will you be purchasing Phantom Trigger? Let us know in the comments below.



      1. Nope, and I’m sure I would not like it. I’m not shy of spending money but when I shell out it I need big content there, and that game was really barebone. It can cost even one dollar but if it’s mediocre it’s mediocre. No AI, no graphics, one music, repetitive, no thanks. Even a tennis game isn’t repetitive, with the ball hitting everywhere, a clever AI to beat and multiple ways to hit a ball.
        I’m actually waiting for a tennis game to play with the Joy-Con. ^^


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