Take A Look At This Huge Nintendo Collection That’s On eBay For $29,900

Undoubtedly like many of you, I’ve got collectables, retro-games and other cool stuff proudly on display in glass cabinets in my house that I like to show off to friends now and then. My collection, however, has got nothing on what’s currently available to buy on eBay for a hefty sum of $29,900. Milwaukee_nes_collector (who thankfully has 100% positive feedback) is selling his impressive array of Nintendo games, promotional items and other awesome Nintendo stuff  because “between the talk of having kids and moving to a house with no dedicated video game room, I’ve decided to sell my collection,” the seller wrote on the eBay listing. “For the past 10 years I’ve spent weekends at garage sales and making Craigslist deals, and this is the result. I hope my collection goes to someone who enjoys it as much as I have.”

If money isn’t really much of an object and you’re interested in splashing the cash (or you just want to be nosey), you can view the listing here.

Check out just some pictures of his collection below. Take a look at his imgur page which the seller has uploaded all of the images to.




  1. Selling them just because of not having a dedicated gaming room in the new house? Seriously? My gosh, even I don’t have a dedicated game room. I have over 3,000 games, and I keep most of them in my bedroom. And I’m only in a rental house. I can’t even display my games. I have to keep them all packed in boxes. But I’ll die before I ever get rid of them all. NO WAY!! In all honesty, my games mean more to me than my own life.

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  2. If he was considering having kids.. that’s all the more reason to keep the stuff. Making sure your children are raised with the right gaming experience is a huge parental responsibility. Very important. Also.. if he is moving into a home without a gaming/theater room it looks like he probably picked the wrong house.
    This guy needs to get his priorities straight.

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  3. My brothers and I have every home console from nintendo since the NES, with 20 or so games per system… Out biggest fear is the moment that we no longer share our home. Our game collection is a treasure, it has to be hard to let go of that titatic collection that this man has offered.

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    1. I think to avoid family strife, you should start discussing this now. If needed you could all chip in to buy consoles to “replace” the ones the others will not get to take with you. Or have a ‘draft’ where you each pick a system you’ll take with you. or even a rotation system where each year (at Christmas?) you swap collections. This could actually mean you’ll appreciate the systems even more, since you’ll only have a few of the consoles at a single time……

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      1. Lol, we had think about the chrismas swap system. We were thinking about getting the nes, snes classic editions an maybe sort who gets the original console and who gets the classic editions. Thanks for the feedback


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