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Game Freak Explains How They Design The Various Pokémon

Game Informer has just published an interesting Pokémon feature looking into how the team over at Game Freak design and create their iconic Pokémon characters. The team visited the Pokémon Company in Japan and spoke with Pokémon director, producer, and composer Junichi Masuda, to find out their process of designing the various creatures. You can read the full interview here and it’s certainly a captivating read.

“The graphic designers are obviously going to be the ones finalizing the look, but it’s not just the graphic designers who come up with ideas or draw the Pokémon,” Masuda says. Sometimes a battle designer might want to feature a specific move in the game, which requires a specific creature. A story writer might want to execute a narrative beat that requires a new monster. Alternatively, it might be as simple as a graphic designer wanting to explore an animal that it has not yet inspired a Pokémon yet. “These ideas come from a lot of different places, the gameplay, the visuals, the story, and in the end those ideas just get centralized and designed,” Masuda says.



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