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Here’s The Opening Animation For Sonic Mania

Today has been a busy day for Sonic Mania news, although a lot of it was, unfortunately, due to leaks. However, there has been one official announcement from SEGA. The company has decided to release the opening animation for Sonic Mania four days early. Originally, SEGA confirmed at their SDCC Mania panel that the animation would be uploaded on the 14th. However, it seems today’s leaks have resulted in SEGA changing their plans. We’ve included the video down below, so feel free to check it out.




  1. The trailer is far better than the game. ^^
    Sorry I never liked Sonic, I don’t really understand the fun with that mechanics, its cooler to see in videos… Actual 3D runners have nailed the gameplay far better in my opinion. Anyway happy for those who will have fun with it.


    1. In my opinion, the Sonic games are good and I really loved the Sonic X anime, the fact is SEGA used Sonic as an experiment. To experiment I mean they created the Sonic game only for let people know their console was so much faster than the Nintendo SNES, but doing they made a cool videogame but the problem of 2D Sonic is if you go too much fast you probably don’t have the chance to see an enemy and that is the main problem.

      The Sonic 3D game is different because you can see the enemy in front of you.

      In the end, Sonic is a really good character and it deserve his privilege to be the best rival of Mario in the past.


      1. I don’t know what Nintendo will do to Sonic if Sonic was created by Nintendo, I really don’t know.

        By the way, some Sonic 3D are bad, yes for example Sonic 06 is bad to me, many fans think it’s the perfect Sonic 3D game, but for me is one of the worst.

        I really enjoyed Sonic Colours, Sonic Heroes and Sonic & the Black Knight.

        Never played Sonic Adventure but if it is true the VC is coming to the Switch then I will play Sonic Adventure.


      2. Cool videogame? Not at all. They masw a mascotte for their console but the game wasn’t really there.
        Sonic 3D was actually different, but I did not played it, so I can’t really have an opinion on it.

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      3. cool videogame not at all indeed. Sonic games have always something that doesn’t fit well, but hey, the perfect game doesn’t exist.

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      1. I think they didn’t put CD because that game isn’t a sequel or a prequel of Sonic games.

        I think it’s a sort of spin-off where Sonic can travel through time, which means before the first game and after the third.


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