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Playtonic Is Working On Final Issues With The Nintendo Switch Version Of Yooka-Laylee

Many of you have been wondering exactly when we are going to get Yooka-Laylee on the Nintendo Switch. Well, sadly we don’t have a release date just yet but the team over at Playtonic has informed fans that they are currently working on final issues of the Switch build of the 3D platformer. Hopefully this means that the game isn’t too far off and a release date should be announced shortly.

“The Playtonic team continues to work flat-out on the Nintendo Switch version of Yooka-Laylee. We’re aware of the huge demand for more news on this and appreciate your patience as we work out the final issues. As soon as we’re 100% confident with this version and everything is approved, we will make sure you’re first to know the release date!”


21 thoughts on “Playtonic Is Working On Final Issues With The Nintendo Switch Version Of Yooka-Laylee”

  1. I’ll probably pick it up. PC version was pretty decent once they worked out the kinks. But I’d prefer to have it on Switch. If it’s only digital though, I’m just gonna wait for it to go on sale.

  2. Welp, another game I might not get my hands on… I hope it doesn’t become another Project Cars situation when they decide to cancel it at last minute…or that it sucks as Mighty No. 9… I haven’t playet it on another console or PC because I’ve been waiting to have it on a Nintendo console… but this, this is too much.

      1. Weeelllll, I think some people also had disdain for certain camera angles and design choices, saying they felt outdated. I never really had a problem with camera in the old 90s platformers (I’ve always had good gamesense), so this won’t be an issue for me when I finally get to play it.

  3. Finally, we’re close… I’ve waited too long for this… to play the spiritual successor to one of mine and my friend’s favorite games: Banjo-Kazooie (and one of the games we streamed on our short-lived show).

    It won’t be long now before I fulfill that wish.

  4. Getting it launch day on Switch. This game is meant to be on a Ninty console. In regards to when it will release, September and October are pretty busy months … I would suggest November to be honest. That way it will get decent exposure as it is just a little less crowded game-wsie.

    1. No way. They NEED this to come out before Mario Odyssey does. Not only will Odyssey beat YL throughout the holiday season because of familiarity, YL is not getting a physical release on Switch, so it’s not like people can buy it as a gift for someone. Unfortunately, the average consumer is not going to know there are some games only available via download- they’re gonna stick to what they can find at retail.

      Besides, if they’re down to the last few bugs, they’re not gonna wait 2-3 whole months after fixing them all to release the game. I’m anticipating a very late August/early September launch.

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