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A New Summer Outfit Range Will Be Arriving To Splatoon 2 This Weekend

Along with the new free wallpapers, a new summer clothing collection will be arriving to Splatoon 2 this weekend.

The collection will be available from 11th August through to 16th August, and has only been confirmed by the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account so far. We will keep an eye out for confirmation of this coming to the West, however with outfit or weapon roll outs, it is expected that this will be the case for all regions.

It is also worth noting that some of the items in the picture embedded in the Tweet are already available in the game, so what exactly the collection will entail is also unknown at this point.

Check out the Tweet confirming the new range below:

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    1. Quality AI for bots in an arena style shooter that would be acceptable to players nowadays is REALLY difficult. The octolings bots in the single player campaign have very limited behavior. Building convincing AI that can handle working as a team to achieve the complex objectives in the different modes would be nuts. It’s not like the days of Unreal Tournament death match bots.

      I’m not saying it can’t be done, but that it is a huge undertaking with disappointing results. I’d compare it to the poor results we see in MOBAs.

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      1. Yeah but we need bots just to practice and enjoy offline. I know for me, I never would have played and gotten good at CounterStrike on PC, unless I Was able to play with bots on the xbox


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