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Nintendo Promises Many More Characters To Appear In Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo Dream recently conducted an interview with Fire Emblem Warriors producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Hiroya Usuda. The interview has since been translated and it’s a rather interesting read. The team has promised that there’s still many more characters set to be announced for the fast and frantic title. Here’s what they had to say:

ND: So finally, please share anything else you’d like to say!

Hayashi: I’m rather unwilling to say this… but there are still many more characters appearing. Please enjoy predicting who are going to appear! There are still more characters appearing from Awakening!

Usuda: We only announced characters from Awakening this time, but I think you should have a good grasp on which characters will be coming. I’d like you to also predict how the roster from Fates and Shadow Dragon will be like from here on! Also, this title, which is fully voiced, is filled with love from not only us development staff but also from the voice actors, so please kindly anticipate it!



      1. Gregor? Was he ever popular? I loved Gregor but that’s because I’m old… and that male avatar support conversation with him was the best ever xD

      1. Seems I overestimated Gregor’s popularity, alright so maybe not Gregor then.
        To be fair however, I don’t think getting Fire Emblem Amiibos would be all that bad because Fire Emblem is nowhere near as popular as Zelda and Smash Bros. I mean, getting the Alm and Celica amiibo right now is really easy, I can literally walk into any GAME shop and find them.

      2. In reply to your later comment on Amiibo stock:

        Are the stores in your area even getting initial stock? It could be they’re not even receiving them.
        You could ask management, or try online.

        1. Online. Only way I could get the full collection. It’s a combination between that they only get on or two Amiiboes at all, and Norway got a lot of manchilds and people on social service (because what else would the money to the richest country in the world go to?), so combine it with the hysterical hype central Norwegian tend to be affected buy + Nintendo doesn’t care about a country with only 5 mill people, and you get very few Amiiboes after work/school 16pm :P Lol this is so true I’m about to cry haha. And I pretend to be any better. That’s the worst part of it.

  1. I’d want Sigurd, Roy, Florina, Serra, Jaffar, Tana,Hector, Ike,Sonya(from echoes) Alm, Saber,Mae, Elincia,Mist,Leif,Lyndis,Clarine and Katarinia and legion (roro). then it wouldn’t be just those three games.

  2. Characters I want to see on FEW:

    From Shadow Dragon
    – Ogma
    – Merric
    – Shiida
    – Barst (Is he popular or not?)
    – Linde
    – Gharnef

    From Fates
    – Azura
    – Felicia
    – Camilla
    – Leo
    – Elise
    – Takumi

    From Awakening (comment apart: they still want to announce more characters from this series?)
    – Tharja

    It’s hard to see all of them, but I’m hoping on it.

  3. I might be skipping this but here are my predictions.

    Shadow Dragon (I have this on Wii U but haven’t finished it yet):


    Fates (not counting nobles; it’s obvious they’ll be in there)

  4. Hype hype hype! Glad to hear about more Awakening characters incoming.

    Honestly not sure why this game wouldn’t offer a very thorough roster, like Hyrule Warriors eventually did.

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