Nintendo Switch

Wrist Exercises Before Playing Games Like Splatoon 2

A dedicated Splatoon fan has put together a nifty cheat sheet for anyone who’s about to play games like Splatoon 2. The sheet displays a number of exercises designed for the gaming community to help prevent weakness, soreness or injury by encouraging you to exercise your hands and wrists properly before jumping into a gaming session. You can check out the wrist-exercises sheet below. Splatoon 2 recently added the brand-new Splat Brella weapon, which comes with a Sprinkler sub and Ink Storm special.




  1. This is serious business and people (even younger gamers) should take this seriously. Between my dayjob on a computer, and nights playing games, I basically have permanent wrist pain that forces me to wear braces on my hands when typing or gaming (Im wearing one right now).

    My best advice would be to TAKE BREAKS and give yourself days off. I did some pretty permanent damage from playing certain games for 100s of hours and abusing my wrists, it turns out.

    It hurts. So take care.


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