Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco Promises Steady And Continuous Nintendo Switch Support

Good news for Nintendo Switch owners today as Bandai Namco have pledged their undivided support for the platform. Speaking to investors the company said that they are planning to bring a number of undisclosed games to Nintendo’s latest system.

“We will continue to introduce Nintendo Switch titles from July one after another”.





    Guys, imaging fuckin Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 on the device, plus Zelda and Skyrim? no one could say the Switch is not the best Action JRPG console out there.

    Only issue I find is how they will port Dark Souls 3 on the Switch, they would have to do a huge downgrade, and even them we will get very low FPS, but I still take it beause 1 and 2 will be epic.


    1. Not gonna lie, I really want a console to dominate in the ARPG genre, like all consoles use to before this whole 4v4 pvp online only microtransaction crap began to infest gaming. We’re starting to see ARPGs make a strong comeback, but not like how they were before, and this is where the Switch could really dominate now, especially since there are more gamers who really want that single player campaign experience.


  2. Dragonball FighterZ ! Dark Souls! When companies say something like this it makes me want to support them more than companies that say …”buy our one game for your console or we won’t make more….” Looking at you EA and to a slightly lesser extent , you too Capcom. 🙈🙉🙈🙉

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