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Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Demo Now Available On Switch eShop

A few weeks ago a demo for Rayman Legends Definitive Edition cropped up on the European Nintendo Switch eShop. Hours after it went live, the demo was quickly taken down with only a few players able to download it within the short space of time. It has now returned and you can get it by visiting the ‘Coming Soon’ page on the eShop.

The original demo ran into a number of audio and visual issues; most notably when played in docked mode. NintenDaan has uploaded a comparison video to YouTube which shows the difference between the demo that went up a few weeks ago and the demo that went live today.  Check it out below:



  1. ” oh wow I can’t wait try out a demo for a 4 year old game. Thanks ubisoft!”

    – no one ever

  2. It’s 2100 and Ubisoft has just released Rayman Legends: Turn of the century definitive game of the year edition for Nintendo NewSwitchUXLlitei.

  3. I’ve never had this game (only Rayman Origins on 3DS), so I’m considering getting it on Switch, and the demo will really help me make a decision.

  4. Oh look a game I’ve played to death already. It’s a great for those that haven’t played it but the reality is most people more than likely own it and more than one copy of it too across multiple Platforms.

    Personally I think this game will flop.

  5. I might get this if it gets down to 20€.
    I never finished the Wii U version, and I just gifted it away.

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