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Rayman Legends Demo Pulled From eShop, Coming Later This Year

A few days ago we reported that the EU eShop was showing not only a release date for Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition but a demo for the title was also available to download. The demo is now nowhere to be found; it would seem that it was only accessible for a few hours. It reportedly worked a treat in handheld mode, however, with the Nintendo Switch docked, problems with the performance arose. Audio issues and stuttering became apparent whilst playing this way.

Ubisoft UK have now announced (and reconfirmed the release date of September 12) that the demo will arrive ‘later this summer’.




  1. “whilst” Ambassador? Really? Half the time I have to grammar correct your articles, half the time I wonder if I’m reading a jolly old sheet from 19th century Telegraph. :p However, your manipulation of Her Majesty for the launch of Splatoon is to be commended. Excellent work.


  2. I try my utmost to use correct grammar but I also try to make sense to every reader whilst retaining my ‘British’ roots.


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