Nintendo Switch

Japan: You Can Now Pick Your Own Switch Color Combo

Nintendo’s Japanese store has added an interesting new option. Online Switch customers can now customize the color of their Joy-Con and straps that accompany it, so long as it is a color that Nintendo has in production. The other downside is that there is some limitations on which Joy-Con controller can use a certain color. For example, Splatoon Green can be used for left controllers, but not right ones. Splatoon Pink is the opposite.

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  1. You can customize, but you can’t customize. Brilliant. I hope of NOA ever allows this, they don’t limit the customization. If I ever buy a Switch, I’ll be doing this if they do it in the manner I mentioned.

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      1. It’s simple from a client perspective, but from a manufacturer and logistics point of view, it’s a whole other challenge.

        They shouldn’t have put the Splatoon exclusive colors in there, as it raises questions. It’s the error they made, if any.


    1. Mass customisation is a very tricky thing to do, especially when you offer a large amount of customisation.
      Unfortunately most consumers don’t appreciate the difficulty of providing choice and often criticise what they can’t have rather than appreciating what they get.

      It’s not unthinkable that kind of market sentiment is also one of the (minor) factors keeping this limited customizability from coming to the west.


    1. Thats what PC’s are for. I own a gaming PC that’s about twice as powerful as a PS4. But my most anticipated game is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Well Destiny 2 is a close second, but still, you get my point. Power doesn’t matter if the games are fun and interesting. And vice versa.

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      1. }{ Ah, but if you were to put the games people enjoy on the system that is superior, you would take a massive step into the future… There is only one way to encourage this behavior, and that is to embrace the future so that the game creators will follow… The end is beginning… All must prepare… }{


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