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Nicalis Have Teased A New 3D Model Of Quote

Nicalis have Tweeted a 3D model of Quote, the protagonist from Cave Story, causing speculation amongst fans as to what this could be used for in the future. The Tweet only said “Hey that’s a new trick!” and nothing else, leaving more questions than answers.

Fans have responded to the Tweet, asking for Quote to come to Smash Bros., and on the other hand, some are suggesting that this might be an upcoming addition to Brawlout.

Only time will tell what this will be used for, and we will keep you updated when any further details come to light.


16 thoughts on “Nicalis Have Teased A New 3D Model Of Quote”

    1. Why do you keep buying it? I don’t see how making a game available in a new platform can be conceived as a bad thing. You have already played it? Move along. This is about about options and making things accessible, if it were up to me, the entire library of every previous console should be available on every future generation.

  1. Why does everyone say the model looks cheap, ugly, etc? Have you seen Cave Story 3D’s Quote? Oh god, he looks awful in that game… This new model is 100 times better.

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