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Here’s Some Footage Of The OJO Projector For Nintendo Switch In Action

A little while back we reported that an unofficial Nintendo Switch projector was in the works. The dedicated projector will allow players to play their Switch on the big ‘screen’ wherever they go and the video below shows it in action. The projector will include a built-in stereo speaker, a 120-inch equivalent screen back up with 200 lumens and it will also double up as a backup battery. I can certainly see this being a great addition to garden parties! Check it out for yourself:

6 thoughts on “Here’s Some Footage Of The OJO Projector For Nintendo Switch In Action”

  1. I’m sorry, but this is a very very poor video that doesn’t accurately show this thing working. 200 lumens is way too low power to be practical for a 72″ screen let alone a 120″. No resolution announced. The sick projector thing is sitting on top of another black box and they aren’t showing the lens. I wouldn’t touch this kick-starter with a barge pole…..

  2. It would seem people are under the impression that this is supposed to be some kind of replacement for a home theater setup, and complaining about low lumen number and such.

    Look, we get it. You’re a pretend videophile, and you have to have only the crem de le crem for projectors. Comparing this to a projector that costs $1000 or more is stupid. It’s not meant to. This is meant to be something that lets you have a projection option in an area where you wouldn’t normally have it.

    Maybe you are on a road trip and you stop at a campground for a night and want to game on a bigger screen, so you project from a sheet you hung up from a tree. Or you are at a hotel and want to play with other people and not be confined to the tv in the room.

    Maybe it’ll be junk, maybe it will be over priced, but it’s got potential, so there’s no need to be shitting all over it because it doesn’t meet your home theater stipulations. It’s not trying to be a home theater. Learn how to use critical thinking and this stuff becomes obvious.

    1. Also learn that there are many projector manufacturers that print plain and simple misleading facts about their products…..
      Also learn that marketing A kick-starter is a way of making money through promise of a product that in reality would never be able to live up to standard… These guys are so blatantly upselling the idea to punters…I feel it’s our duty to state the facts of science…. 200 lumens is nowhere near bright enough… Especially while claiming 120″ screen size! It’s like buying that Bass Booster portable speaker that doesn’t really give you bass at all..
      The concept here is good. But the tech they are purporting is clearly not adequate for the job….

  3. This has the potential to be awesome! Idk what all the negativity is about. At my school during formals, they hook a wii to a projector and we play games on it. Sure the imagee quality was bad but it worked. Pair that idea with a portable console and thats amazing! no more balancing the switch on my lap while playing mario kart 2 player on a tiny split screen

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