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Check Out This Dedicated Projector For Nintendo Switch

Said to be the first dedicated projector for the Nintendo Switch, the OJO gives players the ability to play their Switch on a big ‘screen’ wherever they go. It’s currently in prototype stage but judging by some of the images, it won’t be too long before it’s in production. The projector will have a stereo speaker built-in, a 120-inch equivalent screen back up with 200 lumens and it will also act as a backup battery for the Nintendo Switch. I’ve included the known specs towards the bottom of this post.


Here’s a quick video of the team behind the project testing out Zelda on Switch:


Their official website doesn’t give too much away but we’ll certainly be keeping a close on this project as it progresses.

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  1. Definitely would love to buy this for the right price but the switch dock is copyrighted so I doubt they will be able to get this out without the ok from Nintendo

    1. there is no “copyright” on the Dock or Switch, are you talking about a Patent? if they create their own way to do it its fine and within the legality of things, there are other docks out already

  2. I like the fact that in its station, it has enough room for plenty of air and installation. I can play for hours with no limitation hurry Klung and prepare for the celebration.

    1. prob the best they can do while strapping a console which needs cooling to it and then running both the system and said light off of a single battry

      1. Sony and Microsoft does the same thing, heck the Xbox One “Pro” controller they produced is overpriced yet you can get the same controller from a third party for half the price.
        Companies love to make bank on accessories depending on how much R&D costed them and how much it cost to produce the product.

    1. Thinking this will be $60-$80 is completely crazy. This has a projector and speakers and more in it.. Expect to pay more than double the ridiculously low amount you mentioned.

  3. Since this is just a prototype, my hopes are actually high for this being a success.
    Most Kickstarted/IndieGoGo products tend to either not deliver on their promise or just straight up not exist, this on the other hand seems to already have a pretty good working prototype and the final product can only get better :)

  4. These low power projectors are known to be only usable in pitch black rooms and you need a large enough white even surface.

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