Amazon Canada: Prime’s 20% Video Game Pre-Order Discount Reduced To 10%

Many of you rely on Amazon for your pre-orders so it will come as unwelcome news to find out that today Amazon Canada has reduced their favourable 20% video game pre-order discount. Amazon Canada customers will now only get a 10% discount on pre-release games which will come as a blow to many. It will be interesting to see if Amazon US decides to implement this new policy.




    1. Not even. In the province of Quebec, it’s 15% tax.

      On one hand, it’s one more nail in the physical game copies coffin.

      On the other, it’s less incentive to buy at Amazon, or to subscribe to Prime at all.


  1. What if we’ve already ordered something? Do we get original 20% or is everyone reduced to 10% even if we pre-ordered months ago?


    1. We have a good looking and far less controversial PM at least (just kidding).

      Montreal is top of the pole for game creation. Squeenix are there, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Eidos, and many other big names.


    1. In the long run, Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club is better anyways if you buy a lot of games, especially if you don’t like to preorder. Basically it’s $15 a year for 20% off any title no matter when it was released or what the price is currently. I don’t think Canada’s Best Buys offer that so there’s no competition driving Amazon to keep it at 20% there.

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  2. Ridley X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch; just need cloud storage, add external HDD support, & make that stupid Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones optional.} says:

    As long as 2-day shipping remains free with Prime, a lowering of the 20% off to 10% shouldn’t be too bad, so I’ll be good with the change if they implement it here. Although, I will still end up being disappointed for a time, though.

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  3. It was fun while it lasted! Hope the US keeps the 20%, but if not, it’s been a good ride. Between Amazon’s 20% discount, and Xbox giving away games, my gaming budget has been pretty low recently. And not having a switch (not that it would matter, as there are no games I want on switch at the moment) and Microsoft being dumbasses and having a nintendo-caliber game drought, I’ve been able to work on my current game library, which is really fun. No stress that I’m missing out on anything.

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